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Definitely not a rock. I play them now. Changed over from TPBlack which really spun. E6 doesn't have as much spin but I don't have problems holding greens and spinning them. They're just not quite as hot, spin wise.
I play every week with my wife and she's getting better. I try to coach her as little as possible, but she wasn't doing well for the longest time so I had her cut her swing down to half swings so she could get more consistent and advance the ball on most shots. She's really getting there...she hits the fairway about 75% of the time w/driver which she swings full and putts reasonably well. She's very inconsistent with iron play and her chipping and pitching isn't yet...
I'd love to hit 20 balls and then on to the first tee w/o breakfast ball, but alas no driving range on my home course. Breakfast ball is widely used. If the first one is good...you play it.
The other side of this equation. I found a wedge at the practice green before a round at my home course recently and when I turned it in before I tee'd off...the course owner showed me 2 barrels full of clubs that have been turned in and never claimed. From this year alone.
Went through this for about two years when I was getting close to breaking 80 for the first time...Would always choke down the stretch doing exactly what we've all done. "Let's see...if I par the next three holes I'll shoot X".  Implemented the strategies outlined above (except I do check score after 9...) and not only did I break 80 I shot 75 and had a realistic chance to shoot par that day. I've bettered that score a few times since then and I actively try not to keep...
I have one worthy this week. Playing a par3 and dipped my right shoulder and block/sliced a ball into a line of trees just short and right of the green. Looked for it for a few and the group behind us was coming up so dropped one on a ridge about 30 yds out. Pin was cut about six paces on...I'd been practicing flops so here was the opportunity. Clipped it perfectly...landed on the fringe and rolled straight to the cup and in (for par).
  I'm an oddall 2. THIS.  What makes it doubly frustrating is it can be a turning point moment in the round. You could be on the green putting for eagle or just off the green with a 15-20 yd up and down for bird. Miss it and you're looking at best at a 5 at worst 7 or 8. Still my weakest part of my game.
Also on my second season with i20's. Sent mine back to PING to have the lie adjusted to black dot from a more upright lie...made all the difference in the world as my swing has flattened a bit. I did also get a set of G20's this winter and put the 4 and 5 iron in the set to make them even easier to hit...working well so far!
Louis Oosthuizen -13 Tiger Woods -13 Steve Stricker -13
1986 - Jackie "Be good.." Jack "It is..."  which he said he was actually embarrassed that he made such a bold statement while the ball was in the air. He discussed this on Feherty recently.   Phil's 4i, Tiger's chip and Bubba's hook are awfully hard to beat though.
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