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Added a 913 driver 9.5 and also a WINN Jumbo Lite grip for my putter. I did also get a new ProVoto slim line putting system a month ago and that thing is sweet. Can't wait to play...still too cold and wet here.
+1 for Golfshot. Worth the money. They've also regularly added new features over the past few years and I've yet to be charged for an upgrade.
Bought my i-20's from Golfsmith. No issues. Also bought my Cameron and Titleist in person from the Indy store and they were very helpful. The club tech re-gripped my wife's clubs and a putter of mine while we waited.
Much the same as last year. Get better with the 3W off the deck. Really need to get better with the putter. Need to focus on a repeatable stroke and STICK WITH IT! Started experimenting with knockdown shots last year and I see a lot of potential for that...will work on that too. (in 3 months...it's 6 degrees out right now)
changing my 4i and 5i to G20. Already have the 4i and looking for the 5. Everything else will stay the same...except I did buy a new shaft for the driver. Getting my irons bent from white dot to black dot...also need to have my wedges bent too. My swing flattened out a lot last year and white dot isn't working.
I've been intrigued by the idea of going to a wider soled club for my 4i and 5i, I'm going to try it this year. I play i20s and have already purchased a g20 4i and now looking for a 5i. Anybody else tried this? if so, what kind of benefits or drawbacks did you experience. I've hit the 4 a few times at the range and I'm considerably more confidant with it.
My only yearly golf tradition is to watch Caddyshack at the beginning of each season. So I got dat going for me.
nice to see mockery and sarcasm aren't lost on you...oh wait...   I do have an answer for dook. UCLA (and Kentucky, and Indiana and UNC) has more national titles. Coach alphabet will never get close enough to John Wooden to even smell his farts.   Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.  John Wooden    sorry...enough off topic from me....
lolz.... I just love seeing jcollins120's reaction on here.  pwnd!    ftw!    Infinity + 1.   
New Posts  All Forums: