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duke does blow (non-stop flopping...really?), cameron indoor outhouse is the worst hoop barn in the country, and sneaking onto the golf course is wrong.
stop worrying about "80"  If you're figuring out in your mind what you need to do over the last 3,4, 5 holes to break 80...it's anti-productive. As long as you're doing the things everyone is saying in this thread...fairways, no 3putts, no penalty strokes etc...focus on one thing and one thing only. The shot you're about to play. Play one hole at a time, one shot at a time. Stop looking at the scorecard 10 times during the round. I was where many in this thread...
Two things at fault when I'm not hitting woods well. Either less than full turn, or swinging too much with the arms and not enough with the hips.
5i for me. I typically hit it only from the fairway from 180-185ish, which is a distance I don't usually find myself in. I use the 4i for knockdown shots and short par 4s or it would be used about as often as the 5i.
I'm hitting a low punch with my 4i with pretty good results. I get about 180y and I'm reasonably accurate with it.
I wish I had a range on my home course. I spend about 10 minutes on the practice green putting, then chip pitch for a few mintues...then on the first tee...I'll swing driver easy, then harder a few times...switch to 7i and then back to driver.
what were the complete circumstances of the incident? Was you car in your driveway which is adjacent to the course? were you passing the course on the highway and struck? I often wonder what the course of action is if you're driving past a course with fairways parallel to the highway and a ball gets to the road and strikes a car?...
entered. Thank you.
This shot is the new frontier for myself. Not so much a knockdown...but a lower trajectory punch style shot. For the most part, I seem to be getting about 80-85% of what my normal full swing distance is. It's come in very handy on tight fairways when I don't need a ton of distance, but need more accuracy.
TayloreMade TP Black and a separate pocket for balls I find on the course to give the MRS.
New Posts  All Forums: