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Certainly hope you're right...
That's what I'm assuming. I got the Callaway customer service# from the Dick's employee and I will call them when I get time. I'm baffled that there seems to be a dead end for me on this.
I'd already posted this is "Golf talk" and couldn't remove it..so..sorry for the re-post... Last summer I purchased a used Odyssey 2ball white hot XG from a playing partner and over the past year it developed a striking surface issue. It has a bit of a hollow sound when the ball strikes a particular spot and this causes inconsistent speed. I took the club to my local "Dick's" sporting goods and they agreed to send it to Callaway for repair. I get a call from them today...
Finding Forrester...great movie! and 150-160
Nicklaus. Wish I'd have followed him more closely while he was in his prime. Just wasn't into golf that much yet.
on this particular course, the area between the two holes is not out of bounds to either hole. If they were alone out there...with nobody else around...maybe go for it...still a very low percentage play. It brought new meaning to the risk/reward factor.
I was playing my home course a few weeks ago on a bit of a slow day. Waiting for the group ahead to clear the green on a Par 3. I see two guys emerge from the treeline in front and to the left of our green. I'm standing at the water cooler which is about 30 yards behind my teebox. They're lining up a shot for the green on their hole(the one we just finished)...a par 5, with the green about 40 yds behind me and to their right. So they're about 200 out with 40 yds of...
I have a funny one. Dog leg left par 4. I hit driver and dead pull it. Low screamer...It's heading for a tree about 20' left of the cart path, about 100yds out...I hear the too familiar "knock", I then I notice the ball is coming back in our direction. Bouncing...closer, closer until finally it rolls up about 3 ft away from me where I'm still in the tee box.
Hello All, I've been reading the forum for a few days and everyone here seems to be pretty great. Wish I could golf with everyone here. I've been playing off and on for 30+ years and carry around a 15 hcp which hopefully I'll trim more this year.
sales. music/recording equipment retail.
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