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I practice pretty quickly....but I'll always step away from the shot after hitting, re-establish my grip on the club as well as my stance so I'm practicing that as well. I try not to hit the same club more than 3-4 times in a row.
The new GolfDigest has a feature on a similar strategy, where the ball and the left heel keep the same relationship...but depending on the club, the right foot separation varies.
Darksun22...some folks think I'm reasonably fun to play with. The spare battery is for the scoring app that I use. Most people find it necessary to carry a few things when they're playing golf outdoors instead of on a simulator. Give it a try.
only time I've never had someone backtrack to retrieve a club was when I found one on the 18th green. Turn it into the clubhouse
Walk. Better exercise. I also enjoy it more. Especially if the course is moving slow....seems like it takes twice as long if I'm in a cart. When walking it doesn't seem as bad.
My 19 degree hybrid is invaluable to me. It's lessened the need for my 5 wood to the point that I could remove that and put a 4i back in my bag which really comes in handy.
Sharpie, Swing weight, 910 club tool, insect repellent, small resin bag, athletic tape, a few spare soft spikes, laser range finder, spare battery for iPhone, spare battery for range finder.
Yes, and it works well. By the time I get to that point with a set of grips (they really need changing)... sand paper will get you a few more rounds out of them.
yep...part of the game. My group calls it "gallery pressure". But it does feel good when you execute.
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