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Playing a par 3 last weekend. Hooked my tee shot into the tree line 30yds short/left of the green. I have a risky punch between a row of trees with 3-4 feet between each of them, to reach the green, but NOOoooo I decide to play it "safe" and pitch straight back out and have an easy chip for the next shot. I strike the chip and as it's in flight I see it's not as high as I'd have liked and it's tracking for one of the posts that line the cart path with rope. Sure enough...
I'm late to the party but I've read a few of the posts. I would hope some of the "hostility" is based in the knowledge that hitting a tee shot (whether it's 200, 250 or 300 yds) is such a small part of the game and this is something you may or may not already realize. It would appear you're overemphasizing it's importance and "rofl" at anyone who doesn't see it that way. Even if you've only been playing a very short amount of time, I'll give you the 300 yd drive. I won't...
I did pretty well. We teed at 9:30 and by the time we made the turn it was 93. My two playing partners wilted a bit but I kept it together and even had a better back nine than front. 79. I too was well prepared. Two caps, two gloves, two water bottles. 
Playing with a couple of my reg. guys. Looking forward to it!
Watch the volume of your voice while playing. You could be yelling to your partner across the fairway while someone is in the middle of their backswing on an adjacent hole. Yelling "Fore!" being the exception. Yesterday I was attempting to pitch onto a green and along came 2 carts from an adjacent hole searching for their tee shots. The leader of the group was loud enough to be clearly heard 100 yds away, while he called to all in his group to make sure they'd each found...
I had an R11 before I got my 910D2. I gave the R11 everything I had and I just couldn't hit it. I do better with the 910D2.
At the range I go to...there's a specific tee that has a newer, nice mat and there's a "green" with a pin about 165 yds out directly in front of this tee. I use it as my "target" for every shot I hit. If it's a wedge, I want to see the ball come down in front of the green/pin. If I'm hitting 4i, 3H, 3W or driver... I want to see the ball fly directly over it. Works pretty well for me. 
Scoring +11.1 Fairways 52.4% GIR    36.3% Scrambling 26.2% Sand Saves 12.5 32 putts per round
the way I saw it...was if I could maintain focus and concentration during that round, I could always do well in better conditions.
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