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96 degrees and walked. It was a challenge but it didn't feel that bad during the round. I was prepared with water, extra caps and gloves etc......when I got home and sat on the couch I didn't move for about 3 hours. Both guys I was playing with that day were sick afterward. If I remember correctly I played reasonably well. 
One of my golfing buddies has a regular driver, an offset 3W and a regular 3 and 4 hybrid. He can't figure out why he's all over the place. I've told him they all either need to be offset or all standard. I guess you could get away with playing an offset driver...
My Father in law is 70 today and still tries to hit 3i. He's getting a 910H hybrid today. Birthday gift not Father's Day...still needed just the same.
Currently playing with my wife is challenging. She loves the game and is slowly getting better, but is still in the not making consistent contact stage. I'm pretty patient...but it does have an effect on my game and that's what's hard about it. I think ultimately she'll get to the point where she's pretty good and then it will be a lot of fun...right now it's challenging.
I don't want to have to deal with anything on a green spit from someone's mouth. Phlegm, cigarette or cigar butts, tobacco spit or sunflower seeds. 
Whenever you get them, I'm sure you'll be happy. Very consistent and great feedback on mishits...but I've also noticed my mishits have better results than I've been used to. Of course when you pure the shot they feel wonderful too. I also switched to all 910 woods this year too and love them as well. The 910H allowed me to remove my 5w and put a 4i (my favorite for knockdown shots) back in the bag.
Lately it would seem that on a semi-regular basis as my group is finishing the front...the pro shop sees fit to send a group off #10 ahead of us. Granted we walk the course...but even if the group going off 10 are using a cart there's a 50/50 chance they'll play erratically and be slower than my group. Very frustrating...especially when you're in a good rhythm.
You are so Opaca!   Infinity +1 
One of my playing partners has a heck of a time when a round slows. I'm trying to help him mentally deal with it. Don't select your club or start anything that resembles a pre-shot routine until you can execute through hitting the shot. "It is what it is" would appear to be the mantra. Inevitably he'll hit a bad shot and there's his built-in excuse...he has a nice swing and can hit good shots. His problems are all in his head and slow play is one of his biggest pet...
As for how I clean the club...it varies..so I voted other. If it's very minor soil/light grass, I might wipe it on the back of the pant leg. If it's caked mud...that's going to the inside the Frogger towel. If there's hardened dirt lodged in the groves from say..hardpan...that'll require the point edge of the Frogger brush...( I'm not a Frogger rep or particularly a fanboy)...just really like those two products.
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