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I didn't mean to convey I didn't enjoy the game. It took me two years to beat my previous best. I LOVE playing whether I'm having a great round or not. I can't tell you the elation I feel whenever I beat my best score. But I do also realize that's going to get tougher and tougher. 
I was in the same boat  a couple of years ago. I'd put together a good front and then start thinking about it and blow up. Once I stopped doing that not only did I break 80, I shot 75. I look at my score once at the turn and not again until after the 18th. Also thinking only about the shot or putt in front of me helps as well. This year I shot 73 and during that round shot my first 9 under par. You'll get it. But after that...you just want to shoot even lower. 
I got i20's this year with Dynamic Gold 300stiff. Ball flight is high I suppose but controllable if need be. If you're looking for low ball flight try KBS stiff.
I got my Scotty Laguna 2.0 last year and changed to an arc putting stroke. Got my average putts per hole down to 1.6.
Jimenez -9 McIlroy  -7 Westwood -6
totally depends on the grass...if it's grass like I have in my back yard...I don't care for that. If it's grass the quality of a fairway that's a different story. If you hit enough off mats you know when you've missed and still gotten a passable result and you also know when you've pured it too.
I pulled my 5W this year to add a 4i to my bag and it's worked well so far. D, 3W, Hy19, 4-P, 50, 52 bent to 54, 60
One. Replaced my 5W with a 910H 19 degree and haven't missed a beat. I'm getting as much distance out of the hybrid as I was the 5W and I can shape shots more effectively and hit it out of worse lies. Allowed me to add a 4i in the bag and I've already benefitted several times from that.
Hunter Mahan / 271 Rory McIlroy / 273 Phil Mickelson /274
Just got my i20 irons two weeks ago and outside of bit of adjusting left to do with the 4 and 5 iron...I've been more consistent that ever. 
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