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PING i20, 4-P should have them in about 10 days.
  1. Improve my Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood performance. Especially driver off the tee, 3 and 5 from the fairway. 2. Improve shot shaping 3. Improve green reading and putting. 4. Get hcap down to 7's or high 6s. 5. Regardless of 1-4 enjoy golfing (this one's easy).     1. check...putted for eagle more this year than any previous year, mainly due to improved 3 and 5 wood play...sadly enough...no eagles. Still struggled with the driver but was making progress...
My baseball coach took me my first time...rental clubs, etc...Didn't really get hooked until many years later. 
I don't think it qualifies as a superstition but OCD habit. I always tap the inside of the cup with the ball once as I'm removing it.
I think it's important for inexperienced players to play with those that are more experienced if possible...you can benefit from their experience, learn etiquette and how to play efficiently. This is the one that get's me. When I see players trekking back and forth to their cart, adjacent to the green to put their wedge back in the bag and get their putter it's frustrating. Take your wedge and putter to the green if you're not on the putting surface. Read your putt while...
There should be courses exclusively for those who enjoy and appreciate that kind of behaviour...that way you could all enjoy each other's relaxed attitude towards etiquette. The problem in my opinion is... it seems to be getting gradually worse. A few weeks ago someone actually sounded an airhorn in the middle of the course (no it wasn't raining/lightning). There was some sort of outing going on and someone thought this too was acceptable. It's not. I know how to raise...
Clubs are too expensive to intentionally damage. I'm more likely to take my anger out on a ball if anything. If a ball has wronged me repeatedly...I feel it's just asking for a watery grave. Happens maybe once a year.
I don't particularly love the heat...but I've been playing and walking. My biggest issues are a hat dripping sweat and keeping my hands dry...other than that...game on.
Early this year I'd played a few rounds in March and was hitting the ball fine. Looking forward to having an even better year this year. Out of the blue I came down with the worst case of the shanks I've ever seen...let alone had to deal with. I've been through this for an hour or so before...but always was able to self-correct. Not this time. The rest of my game was fine. Driving, fairway woods, chips, flops...etc. But when it came to taking a full swing, especially in...
I'm dealing with the same thing right now...thought standing too close was it...played 9 yesterday and before the end of the 9...I was shanking again..even with the ball further away...this is maddening. Practice swings feel grooved, in tempo...perfect. Then on contact the ball shoots off in a 45 degree angle. Will watch the spine angle closely...see what happens.
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