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I'm dealing with the same thing right now...thought standing too close was it...played 9 yesterday and before the end of the 9...I was shanking again..even with the ball further away...this is maddening. Practice swings feel grooved, in tempo...perfect. Then on contact the ball shoots off in a 45 degree angle. Will watch the spine angle closely...see what happens.
I encountered this for the first time just yesterday and was not impressed. Absolute disregard for other golfers...they left their seeds within a couple of feet of the cup too. Not cool.
KJ Choi  -9
Another thought...if ever I'm riding and the course is slow...it is SSSOOOOO much worse to be in a cart. A slow walking round you at least have the time buffer of walking to your shot and it seems like you're waiting less. The longer I wait just sitting there...the worse I'm likely to play.
+1 on the 3 wood off the deck. Nothing like it when you catch it though and watch it head for the green like a missile.
To each his own...it's never a good idea to hit driver (or any club) at someone intentionally. I know everyone knows this...Just sayin' Though I have felt like it!
I don't play without keeping score. But I definitely play better if I'm not obsessing about it every other hole. I add up at the turn and at the end of the round...and I've scored much better since adopting that.
Riding in a cart is nothing like walking with a push/pull cart.  You may be more fatigued if you carry your clubs, but walking 5 miles under any circumstance is not the same as riding 5 miles. Especially the last 3-4 holes. 
I've played the 09 burners for a couple of years and played my best golf ever last year. I just picked up a set of used i5 PING that I'm considering changing to. I wanted to try a narrower sole in hopes in might be a little easier to shape shots. My burners are 2deg upright and I got white dot on the i5 which feels even more comfortable at set up (3deg upright). The loft difference is worrying me a bit as to cover the same distances I did last year playing the TM...
Usually they've released add on courses initially one at a time for around either 6.99-7.99 ea. After the initial buyers (me) have bitten...they released them as multi course packs for a better deal. I get so much use out of the games and the add-on courses I don't sweat the prices...you can't play 9 holes for the price of one of these courses and I'll be playing them long into the winter months. The demo has me excited to get the game. I pre-ordered from EA with the...
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