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Dude, shes a joke. And a spoiled brat.
Maybe his tempo, but his outside/inside move is unique to him. Trying to swing like that wouldn't work for 99.9% of the population.
Into a wall ? putt-putt doesnt count brah
In the first round of her latest attempt to play with the men, European tourney. Whens this little brat going to learn? She makes me really angry. First it was her withdrawing because of heat stroke ( aka sand in her vagina ) now this.
For me it's got to be Maggert's. So simple and balanced. Great use of his right elbow, effortless.
I've had one, failry long hole-224 with a four. Never saw it, right into the sun. My playing partner said it was going right at it, it felt like I pushed it. Walk up to the green, see the pitch mark five feet in front, ball in the hole. Booyakasha!!
Flavor Flave
Has he takin a shine to huffing paint?
I highly suggest Widespread Panic. Seen over 50 shows. Going to Orlando next month to see three more. Theyre the best around today. Check em out.
I embarrased myself. 82 83 84. Well, I wasnt really embarrased, I just know I can play much better. Theres always next year.
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