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Recently, whenever i hit a drive, it starts out straight as an arrow, and then starts curving severely to the right. I didn't have this problem before, and i have no idea as to whats causing it. Does anyone know? Thanks
So my birthday is coming up, and i might ask for a new lob wedge, or new lob and sand. Basically, I wanted to know if there is a way for me to know which ones are supposed to be best for me. There are so many different kinds, and i need help. Thanks.
I don't think so. They're going to have one year to get good, otherwise Ade, toure, robinho, barry, and tevez will all want to leave. And, i don't think their manager is good enough to be able to do it. So, they're TRYING to, but they won't succeed. Also, anyone know more about Blaise Matuidi who could be going to Arsenal as a DM? sorry, i'm an Arsenal fan.
I would try out the Nike Power Distance Soft. They're about 20 bucks for a dozen, and i think they're GREAT. they give good distance, and you still have some spin and feel.
I've had two. #1 - I set my tee up (i used to have them really high) and take a few practice swings. I go up for my real swing, and fwoosh. It felt like a good swing, but i hadn't felt the ball! I had knocked the tee straight out from under it, and the ball dropped STRAIGHT down. didn't move at all. #2 - I took my drive, and it's going straight as an arrow, but way too low. Maybe 50 yards out it hits the ground - and by ground i mean a stick - and bounces all the way...
All right, i'll try those out tomorrow. Thanks.
Well, I got a new set of irons today, so at around 5 i went out to squeeze in 9 holes. I played GREAT, except for my putting! it RUINED me. So, i need some tips as to how to putt better. Thanks
Alright, thanks everyone.
awesome. well, now i'm back at square one lol.
Ah. well, that widens my options a lot more. thanks.
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