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Ya thats why they stopped play  with a rain delay, way too much rain and wind got crazy. Not even sure if they were able to resume playing?
With that swing speed I would suggest just getting the regular flex shaft.   No you cannot put another manufacturer's shaft on the Nike driver. It has to be a Nike shaft made for that driver.   But you sure can put any grip you want on it, just go to your local golf shop and pick a grip you like, and have them install it.
Interesting. I remember watching a video on Titleist's website about the moment of impact, and how the club face deforms the ball.   Check it out here, its pretty neat!   http://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/archive/2013/10/24/video-the-moment-of-impact-an-inside-look-at-titleist-golf-ball-r-and-d.aspx
Hmmm interesting. Ya I've been fighting a new habit of coming up and out of my swing. So I've been concentrating on watching the club impact the ball.   Anyways, last night at the range I guess I was keeping my head down too long, because I lost of few of my wedge shots. But I just looked in the area where it should come down, and I spotted it bouncing.   Its a timing thing, you need to keep your head down, but also need to bring it up in time to see the ball flight....
Its been nice here in Denver the past month or so. I went and played my first round of the season last weekend!!!   But the other day it cold got and snowed a few inches, but it quickly melted. Back to 70s this weekend.   My friend who lives in Chicago, they had about 24" of snow on the ground just a few weeks ago. His private golf club just opened up on Monday finally.   But yes this year has been brutal winter for most of the middle and northeast states.
OK my Apex set was delivered the other day, and I went to the range last night with them. Wow these things are incredible, when hit purely they feel great, and I did pick up some distance too, compared to my AP2s.   I like the forgiveness of these also, when hit thin or on the toe, I didn't even lose that much distance. Maybe my swing isn't good enough for the AP2s, but thats why I changed irons.   I have heard the wear problems with the pros, I think its due to the...
 Didn't Roy McAvoy do that too?
 Wow! I think that waitress is a jerk! It she did that to me, I would have asked for a manager and talked to him about. I mean who does this stuff.
He might not be screaming at him, but he insulting him in from of thousands of people.   And then there's the France ordeal, where he didn't act professionally, got paid for appearance fees, and was a complete A-hole to everybody in France.       Oh, it gets better. After Bubba missed the cut, he blamed the poor security for his unenthusiastic showing at his first European Tour event, according to Reuters: “It’s different for me, there’s cameras, there’s phones,...
 He does this all the time, but it caught by tv cameras last season at The Traveler's Champ.    Phil would NEVER talk to bones like this, and they've been together for 20 years.
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