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Geeeeeeezus, already? No I'm still recovering from that brutal Super Bowl loss.   The only way to make it right, is to go back and win it this time.   Go BRONCOS!!!
I thought Donald Trump's wife's/ex-wives invented gold digging? Thats what he claims anyways.   So Julius Ceaser's wife was a gold digger?
 Yes I agree. Look at Jason, he's way on the end by himself with his belly hanging out. And look at his wife, that dud has good looks, muscles, etc. Has his arms all over her. Uh oh...........
Last time I checked, there has only been 3 majors completed this year. Jumping the gun on the PGA?
Hold on a second, are we seriously talking about men's golf fashion, and why they don't get their pants tailored?   Ah come on man....... weird, just weird... Maybe you should be more concerned about how your playing, then looking at other dudes pants.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 E6 golf balls   1) Dustin Johnson  -14   2) Sergio Garcia     -16   3) Grahm McDowell   -12
 Ya when I saw that guy who shouted obscenities at Rory, I thought to myself, no big deal we see it just about every week at the tour events in the US. It was late, and the guy drank too much. It was great to see security jump all over him right away. I just don't understand the hate for Liverpool though.
 Say what? Why do you people in England dislike Liverpool so much? It looks like a nice place. I mean, with the whole history of the Beetles and all.
 Geeezus, it was his second tournament after surgery. Give the guy a break. It was impressive enough to shoot under par on Thursday.
Lets put it this way, if Bubba wasn't so naturally talented at golf, he would be washing dishes at a Waffle House.   To me he doesn't appreciate or is thankful that he plays golf and makes millions of dollars doing it. After winning a tournament, he thanks the lord. But he doesn't thank the tournament staff, maintenance crews, or any body else.
New Posts  All Forums: