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 Well that doesn't sound very bad at all. It the person next to you took the picture during his swing, how was Rory supposed to know? Even if its a practice round, he has the right to get pissed for someone taking photos of him during practice. I'm actually supprised Augusta was allowing patrons to carry cameras with them?
Just call Callaway customer service and ask them.   1-800-588-9836
The commercials were indeed quick, like 1 minute long sometimes, then quickly back to coverage. But nontheless, there were a ton of these.   I did have it on my DVR, but I ended up deleting it, so I can't prove it right now.
Ah come on now? What coverage were you guys watching? Yes there was the SAME Benz commercials every 5 minutes, and it got worse on the last hour of coverage.   Now on the first hour of coverage there were no commercials. And I thought that was strange.   Trust me I was timing them commercial breaks.
 Huh? Somebody broke this rule then, because it was more like 2 minute commercials, in between every 5 minutes of play.
 This is EXACTLY what I do too! First round is great, swing is good because I'm not thinking about anything, just let her rip. Then as the season progresses you'd think I would get better? Nope, near the end of the season and I can't play worth a crap.
You know where Bubba's drive ended up on number 13 today, well I can hit my 7 iron to that spot. Yes really I'm not internet lying either!
I don't know, I was busy watching Mercedes Benz commercials. I mean good god how many of the same commercial can they run? It started great, for the first hour of coverage there was no commercials. I'm thinking this is awesome. Then the Benz commercials started like every 5 minutes of play! 
Bubba started getting a little yippie with the putter yesterday, leaving a lot of putts short. Nerves might be getting to him.   I'm liking Jordon Speith, that kid is playing lights out right now.   Its gonna be a great final round, so many players with a chance to win. If Tiger was out there, he would be in the mix too. So sad he's not there.
 LOL that my friend is funny as hell.
New Posts  All Forums: