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Well your not that old. I'm 46, been playing golf for over 20 years now.   I've been working on my swing more this year. I got a new set of irons. The Callaway Apex 4-PW.   They are bit more stronger lofted than my previous set of AP2s. They are really nice clubs. They feel great.   I'm hitting the ball just as far as I did when I was in my 20s. Better swing, better equipment, etc.   I hit my 8 iron about 150, and my 6 iron around 170. I can hit my driver an...
Wow I'm looking at all your shots and thinking. Sign this guy up for the PGA Tour. Very consistent ball striking. And hitting a 6 iron 210 on average is really good.
Just remember, when getting lessons from a professional. When making swing changes, things will get worse before it gets better. It always takes time to groove the new swing. So don't expect miracles or anything.   You have to go through the pain, before you start seeing results.   Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.
You lied? I thought you were buying clubs, not just testing them?
I just got back from the range. I marked a spot on the grip that is 1.25" from the end. I choked down to that point. I was hitting it beautifully, much much easier to control.   By choking up that much, I had to stand closer to the ball. Which was part of my problem, before I was reaching for the ball. I was bent over more too. It was easier to set my wrists at the top.   Then I started killing it, great ball flight, around 265 ish. I didn't see any distance loss at...
I'm not a Ping guy. But I'm hearing great things about the S55s. Great turf interaction, long, straight, and forgiving.   If your striking the ball well, go demo the S55s.
 Whooops, yes you are right. Adding lead weight inside the tip end of the shaft should do it. I'll just have to consult with the fitter to figure all this out.
 LOL Wanna bet I can hit my 7 iron 800 yards?
Yes you are correct, they recommended using lead tape under the grip if it feels too light.
Just been reading a thread over on GolfWRX. On how manufacturers have too long shafts in most current drivers.   My Big Bertha driver shaft is 45.5" and I just can't control it like I can with my 3 wood. The 3 wood off the tee my most consistent club.   In order for all these OEM's to "claim" their new driver is longer, is to lengthen the shafts each time they increase head size. Sure its may be longer in distance, but can the typical 15 handicap player control that...
New Posts  All Forums: