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Ya taking practice swings are very important. If I don't take a practice swing I feel uncomforable. Just watch the pros, every single one of them take practice swings. Although too many practice swings can be bad also.
 He is actually thirtysomething.
Look here, I really like Jordan Speith, I really hope he wins it.   But the announcers won't stop saying he's 20 years old. YES WE GET IT, HE's 20 YEARS OLD!
Yes I am just as inconsistant as you. One day I will shoot an 87, next round is 97. I can't play or practice too much or my entire play goes horribly wrong. I need at least a few days rest in between rounds and practice.   So try that? Give yourslelf some rest, don't go hittin 500 balls on the range either. VJ Singh would get tired with that many balls.
Yes the Titleist 913D3 is a great club, I have one. Just got it this year, only played a few rounds with it. Its great in every way, very solid low spin driver with lots of distance.   I have the 10.5* with Diamana Blue 64g shaft.
The public courses I play are not crappy at all, they are all very nice, and well kept.   My home course, The Heritage at Westmoor, they hold local US Open Qualifiers there and from the tips plays a whopping 7400 yards. No walk in the park, and they can setup the green to roll very fast too.   The PGA Tour would still light it up there though, If there was a PGA Tournament there, winning score would easily be in the -20s.
I didn't even know Mike Weir was still playing on the PGA Tour. Nice to see him on the leaderboard again. Always liked the Canadian lefty.
Looks like Phil won't be making the cut. On 12, he just went from bunker to bunker to bunker and tripled it. DAMMMMMITTTT Phil.....
WTF? Why is patrons sounds pretencous? Really? Come on man thats just stupid monkey. You are officially "stupid monkey" status now!
Ya I didn't like the stock shafts either, the True Temper XP95s. I: had the Project X 5.5s in my AP2s and really like those, so thats why I made the custom order.   When I placed the order, it said they would ship in 3-5 days. Then I got email from Callaway saying they were backorder and won't ship until 4/30. I was really mad, I'm like WTF? I have a tournament in 3 weeks, and I just sold my AP2s. No clubs for 3 weeks is not good.   So I called Callaway to find out...
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