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Ya but this guy said something rude about him, to his friends. Being called an artichoke is not cool, unless you are good freinds with them.   So in that case, after he missed the putt, you should have approached him and said "What happened? an artichoke got in the way of your 3 ft putt?" Then walk away.
Wow first Holly, now Winn. I really like her.   Why they getting rid of all the hot chicks?
 This may the post of the year award. Nicely done.
Geeeez! that was quick, have fun with the new irons, great choice.   Now was that a passive brag or what? You hit 16 balls in a row with the PW, and hit the green with all of them?   I'd be lucky to hit 3 or 4 out of 16 tries. Geeeeeezus sign this guy up for the tour.
Wow! Congrats on you are player's win!   This is almost as good as a Tour Pro coming on here. I'm always interested in how the caddie feels after a win like this.   How much do you help him? Do you just give yardages? Do you suggest which clubs? Do you help read putts?   Are you like Phil and Bones? or like Bubba and his caddie, getting yelled at all the time. LOL
I would have grabbed all four of their balls, and put them in my bag. Let the little bastards search until they figured it out.   Young people these days have no manners at all, just look at the internet and see how they act. Why would playing golf suddenly change their ways.   Isn't that what the 1st Tee program is all about? Teaching kids manners on the golf course, how to act, how not to act. Maybe Mom was too busy running errands and didn't have time to take them...
We are only a year removed from his very successful last year. Lets remember, he ALMOST won the US Open and the Open last year. He basically gave it to Justin.   Nobody has to worry, Phil will win the US Open within 2 years!!!
Well your not that old. I'm 46, been playing golf for over 20 years now.   I've been working on my swing more this year. I got a new set of irons. The Callaway Apex 4-PW.   They are bit more stronger lofted than my previous set of AP2s. They are really nice clubs. They feel great.   I'm hitting the ball just as far as I did when I was in my 20s. Better swing, better equipment, etc.   I hit my 8 iron about 150, and my 6 iron around 170. I can hit my driver an...
Wow I'm looking at all your shots and thinking. Sign this guy up for the PGA Tour. Very consistent ball striking. And hitting a 6 iron 210 on average is really good.
Just remember, when getting lessons from a professional. When making swing changes, things will get worse before it gets better. It always takes time to groove the new swing. So don't expect miracles or anything.   You have to go through the pain, before you start seeing results.   Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.
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