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 You're just mad because the Canadian team didn't make the World Cup. Just sayin...
 LOL all or nothing.
Ya I know. I'm not have a very good sports teams year. First it was the Broncos in the awefull Superbowl loss. Then it was the Avalanche, now its the US Soccer team.   Geeeeezus, every time I get all pumped up, emotionally invested, and BAM!, ends badly. Not a good feeling.
DAAAMMMIIITTTTTTT!! I'm so pissed right now. They played like crap for about 100 minutes. Then all sudden they start playing great and getting chances. They almost tied that sucker up again, that penalty kick was awesome and should have went in.   Our goalie saved our ass all day long, what was it like 15 saves or some crazy number. Howard is simply fantastic.   Entertaining game, just result was bad. Oh well we'll win the entire cup in 4 years.   And whoever says...
Ya I miss the clickety clack sound from metal spikes, but I don't miss the spiked up greens. I know the pros can't tap down spike marks, but when I play I always used to tap down them if it was in my line of putt.
 LOL ya those crazy looking mokawks died bright yellow. Seriously?
I believe the new version of Diablo balls are the new X2 Hot balls. They are pretty good I tried them and they play great. Distance is good, and they have decent spin on the greens also.   Here: http://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-balls/balls-2014-x2-hot.html
 LOL just a few paragraphs? I counted 11 long paragraphs in just two of your posts. Seriously why babble on and on and on and on, about complete nonsense that nobody will read?
Geeeezus FarawaysFairways, are you re-writing the Bible or what? Holy crap man gettin little on the nutty side aren't we?
 This right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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