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 Thats because of the Amateurs, The Masters is all about the Amateurs and I think thats great. But it probably lowers the strength of the fields.
Yes Yes Yes, I have this issue! I think it might be an age thing, gettin older now. By the end of the round I get really tired and my swing goes to the toilet.   My typical round goes like this:   First tee shot is great, smoke it down the middle. Second shot is horrible, fat or thin. This goes on for couple of holes.   The middle of the round everything starts clicking, few pars and even a birdie or two.   Then the last few holes I'm tired, and I'm lucky to get...
Whats the saying in Hollywood? Oh ya "any publicity is a good thing. Weather its bad or good". I'd say they did a nice job getting everybody to buy the issue and talk about it.
Yikes! Should have bought a Titleist driver.   I had that happen once, on a brand new Tayormade driver many years ago. I took it back to the golf shop I purchased it at, and they replaced it.   I've heard, that with new drivers. If the shaft is gonna break, it will break within a few weeks of use. If it doesn't break within that time period, it will never break. Probably a poor job of installation.   Is that an older model? I thought the new G25s were adjustable.
There's a bunch of Nike Covert driver heads only, on ebay. Just get one of those, and use your shaft.   http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p3984.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xnike+covert+driver+head&_nkw=nike+covert+driver+head&_sacat=0&_from=R40
What in the heck did you do? Holy crap I've never seen anything like that! Thats just looks like you drove your car over it or something.   And why is the plastic sticker still on it?   Call Nike Golf and tell them what happened. They will fix it, but for a fee. Better then buying a new driver.
 Ya thats what I'm saying. He's so whipped on Paulina its not even funny. The marriage won't last either.
 Ya how in heck did that guy get that hot chick? Unbelievable what money does for a guy.
 Oh come on now, you don't think she's attractive? If she was in your bed, I bet you wouldn't kick her out of it? LOL
Remember when Tiger first joined the tour, his swing was super fast, and he was out of control with his irons. So I think what, within a couple years he shortened his swing dramatically in order to be more accurate with his approach shot distances.   I think after this back issue is resolved, he slows down his swing even more. With the way modern equipment is right now, there's really no reason to swing so hard. Let the clubs/balls do the work.
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