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 Yes this hear! So basically the twosome of low handicappers, were two A players. Very unfair they should have split them up and added them to other teams. My second player is always better. Funny how that works.
 Edit: I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha driver.
 Ya and Tim Howard made some other great saves in the middle of the game. That double save was great.
Greame McDowell  -5 Tiger Woods  -4 Dustin Johnson  -6
OMG! that was was a great free kick try at the goal. That was soooooo close!
Oh nice, excellent shot on goal. Great transition, and we're able to hold possession of the ball. Something positive at least.
Son of a $%$%$^&%&$$!!###@!@##@@#$#@#@$#$#@@$#!!!!!!!!!!   WTF was that? Geeezus man nice defense by USA.
Michelle has no 3 putts the entire tournament on those very difficult Pinehurst greens. Incredible. Even Kaymer 3 putted a few times.
Wow Michelle Wie hit a great approach shot on 18. She's got a 15' birdie putt. She can 4 putt for the win.   I think its safe to say now, she's the Womens US Open Champion. Congrats Michelle!!! very well done.
She found her ball, but still doubled number 16 hole. Its only a one shot lead now.   Edit: nice birdie on 17, back to 2 shot lead.
New Posts  All Forums: