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 LOL just a few paragraphs? I counted 11 long paragraphs in just two of your posts. Seriously why babble on and on and on and on, about complete nonsense that nobody will read?
Geeeezus FarawaysFairways, are you re-writing the Bible or what? Holy crap man gettin little on the nutty side aren't we?
 This right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 You better hurry up man, its starting soon!
 Will the goalies have a hard time with skipping balls? Or are they used to it?
The field is really wet right now from all the rain. That will affect play, but will it hurt or help the Americans?
 This is me too. I'll sometime just gently drop the club in disgust. Never bang my clubs into the ground, or throw them. I pay too much money for expensive clubs to be doing that. But I have a friend who is really competetive, and when he's hacking, look out. He gets really pissed, throws clubs, ignores everyone, etc.
 Yes this hear! So basically the twosome of low handicappers, were two A players. Very unfair they should have split them up and added them to other teams. My second player is always better. Funny how that works.
 Edit: I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha driver.
 Ya and Tim Howard made some other great saves in the middle of the game. That double save was great.
New Posts  All Forums: