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 Wow! That is a lot of injuries, for any athlete let alone a golfer. I wonder if the "what goes around comes around thing is affecting Tiger now? Remember he's not the greatest person, cheated on his wife, etc. Sure he is nicer guy now, but up until about 3-4 years ago, he was pretty much an a-hole to everybody (including his ex).
 Don't gloat too much. We Coloradan's call them things in Mammoth "bunny slopes". hehehehehehe gotcha!
 I know huh, I HATE THE WIND!!! All winter long wind wind wind wind. Not even really enough snow, just wind. I played Saturday morning, and it was calm until our last few holes.
Great thread!!!! Philly Mick is the man. He's a very good guy, and oh ya he plays ping pong too.   This might be his chance to FINALLY! win the Masters, with Tiger out of the field. I sure wish Phil had a green jacket. All these years getting so close, but still no green jacket.   (April fools suckers)
 He never took up real skiiing, it was another kind of skiing, the kind on Lindsey's back. LMAO!
 Aha, ok I understand now. I'm not a huge Tiger fan, but I feel sorry for the guy every time he gets hurt. How many injuries does this make now? Back, left knee, achilees, etc. 
So it was not the "bulging disc" in his back, but a "pinched nerve" ???. Ya all those doctors reporting on the disc thing apparently got it wrong.   But whatever, this is going to be a boring Masters anyways, no top PGA players (including Phylli Mick) will contend in the Masters, and another un-known dude will win.   Well I hope Tiger can recover and come back and play at a high level by summer.
They just put Loupe on the clock. Its about time! That guy has the worst pre-shot routine, very slow player.   Johnny Miller said he would quit announcing if Na, Bradely, and Loupe was in the same group. LOL
Come on really? I thought all the courses in Florida were supposed to be nice and well maintened, just the fact that the great weather there year around.   Here in Denver most of the courses I play the courses are in great condition. I pay an average of around $50 + cart fees.
Ya but the OP said sometimes its a topped shot. Meaning the ball is too far forward in his stance.   Move the ball back some, play the ball with different ball positions and see what happens. Also, don't overswing. Try to shorten your swing. I get out of control sometimes with the driver, and its because the club is past parallel. I try to shorten the swing, and amazingly I get better ball contact.
New Posts  All Forums: