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Uh oh, the game is about to start. GO USA!!!!!!!! Beat up on Portugal and we are in as one of the 16 teams.
Did you see all the fans there? Geeezus, there's like 3 people watching, and 2 of them are volunteers. LOL   Someone needs to tell Lucy to back off on the sunscreen caked all over her face.
Ya I was watching the golf channel earlier, before they started coverage for the Travelers, and they showed his announement. I thought I heard it wrong. I'm like WTF? Tiger is back next week already? He just had surgury. I figured he would lucky to make the PGA.   He just reported that he was making full swings, and now all sudden he's in next week.   I just hope he's feeling better, and the doctors are good with his condition.   I'm not a Tiger lover, but I do like...
For the Apex irons, just look on ebay, you can find some deals on new or mint condition used...
Get the new Callaway Apex irons, they are simply outstanding. I just got them about a month ago, and they feel like butter, and I hit them more consistently. I'm about the same handicap as you.
They were saying the USA teams since playing in the World Cup since the 1990s, that they have only won 4 matches in 22 games.   I couldn't believe that statistic, it just shows how difficult it is to win.   Make that 5 for 23 now.
OMG!!! We won!! Holy crap that was an awesome game. I was so pissed when Ghana scored. Then we come back with the corner kick, that was kickass!   Ghana kept control of the ball the entire game, but when we needed to score, the guys did it.   Revenge is sweet and best served cold.   USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all those people partying now, this is cool stuff.
Wow this is AWESOME! GO USA!!!
Those are some damn very nice set of clubs you have. If you are truly a 1 handicap, you should be able to hit those clubs great.
Can we beat Ghana in the first game? They beat us in previous World Cups, so we need some revenge action going.   USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!! I just saw Chicago is having a huge World Cup party with a big screen to watch it on. Pretty cool.
New Posts  All Forums: