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OMG!!! We won!! Holy crap that was an awesome game. I was so pissed when Ghana scored. Then we come back with the corner kick, that was kickass!   Ghana kept control of the ball the entire game, but when we needed to score, the guys did it.   Revenge is sweet and best served cold.   USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all those people partying now, this is cool stuff.
Wow this is AWESOME! GO USA!!!
Those are some damn very nice set of clubs you have. If you are truly a 1 handicap, you should be able to hit those clubs great.
Can we beat Ghana in the first game? They beat us in previous World Cups, so we need some revenge action going.   USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!! I just saw Chicago is having a huge World Cup party with a big screen to watch it on. Pretty cool.
Very sad to see Phil putt today, he couldn't even sink the short putts. While the rest of his game was great, he sinks a few more putts and he's still in it.   Ya I'm rooting for Kaymer to come back to the field, so its not so boring to watch. But the guy can't do anything wrong right now.
Holy crap, Kaymer is 10 under. The guy is on fire can't do anything wrong right now.   This course is very difficult, he's the only one in the field doing this.   Phil barely tees off and has no chance of catching him. DANGIT!
Phil made a great decision by using the claw grip this week. I didn't see him blow the ball past hole not one time today. If he missed, they were tap ins.   Phil's driving was also great. He might just win this thing!
 There is a god!!! Not that I like Fox any better, but get Berman the hell out of here.
Ricky Fowler is wearing nickers. The guy never even heard of Payne Stewert until this year.  
 Wow thats a crazy schedule. I hate ESPN, sometimes they take over everything. Mike Turico and Boomer are the worst golf announcers ever in the history of golf.
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