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They just put Loupe on the clock. Its about time! That guy has the worst pre-shot routine, very slow player.   Johnny Miller said he would quit announcing if Na, Bradely, and Loupe was in the same group. LOL
Come on really? I thought all the courses in Florida were supposed to be nice and well maintened, just the fact that the great weather there year around.   Here in Denver most of the courses I play the courses are in great condition. I pay an average of around $50 + cart fees.
Ya but the OP said sometimes its a topped shot. Meaning the ball is too far forward in his stance.   Move the ball back some, play the ball with different ball positions and see what happens. Also, don't overswing. Try to shorten your swing. I get out of control sometimes with the driver, and its because the club is past parallel. I try to shorten the swing, and amazingly I get better ball contact.
Yep Perez hasn't changed at all. He's still an asswipe. At the Bay Hill, he really hacked up one hole, ended up 3 putting also. And he threw his putter at the bag, it bounced and hit his caddy. He looked at his caddy as if it was his fault or something.
 Ya but did you see that big rock in front of the ball? It affected the way it came out. I'm not worried about Phil, he'll be able to head out to Augusta now for some practice.
 I know! When you see guys like Pat Perez on the leaderboard, something major is wrong! I hate that guy.
My strengths are mid iron play. But if you can't get the driver in the fairway, it affects my scoring. Driving is too inconsistant. I'll smoke a drive 280 in the fairway on one hole, then the next hole i'm in the trees. LOL   I would say I'm pretty decent in the bunkers, and my putting sucks in the spring, but then improves throughout the summer.   I also have a problem after a bad shot, I lose concentration and start hitting more bad shots.
Spring time is my favorite time of year. Love the Masters, my favorite tournament by far. Augusta National always changing thing, making improvements, etc. Always exciting to see what they've done since last year.   I'm huge Phil fan, and even though he's not been playing that good this year, he always seems to turn it on for the Masters. When he arrives and see those Magnolias and the Azalia's something about that place his dameaner changes.
 Yes sir indeed. Because tournaments have more pressure than your average round of golf. Every putt must hit the bottom of the cup. The course is usually setup harder, pin placements, green speed, etc. When I play in handicapped tournaments, I average 4-5 strokes higher than my handicap. So someone that can shoot 10 strokes lower than there handicap, in a tournament situation, is like the odd of winning the lottery of something.
 I didn't know Quaaludes were legal in Austria? Who thinks Patrick57, is very similar to the character in the movie The Wolf on Walstreet?
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