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Yep get the Vokeys, they are very nice wedges. I have the SM4s. The new SM5s are really sweet, wish I had them now!
Look man, this is golf. Its not football where you have guys talking trash all game.   Respect the game, respect yourself, and don't say anything. Just talk with your game. You don't have to say anything, if you birdie the last hole, and he bogeys. Nothing has to be said.
Oh ya! I remember this thread. Very funny stuff.   I have one. Most uses of the chainsaw per round.
Why? You should be concentrating on your own game, not trying to get your playing partner flustered.
Look here everyone, he is looking for attention. If everybody here can ignore him, DO NOT REPLY OR EXCHANGE communication with this moron. Eventually he will go away again. Maybe for good.   So I'm doing my part, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER replay to any of his posts from now on.
You lucky bastard. Congrats on the tickets. Do you know somebody who knows somebody? How'd you get the tickets?   As for tips, don't stay in one spot, follow the groups you like and to each hole, much funner than just sitting there all day.   If Louis Oostveen tosses you a ball, keep it!!!! (inside joke)
I totally agree. Ugly girls playing bad golf, come on where did they find these chicks at, the local muni or something.   I forced myself to watch it last night, and when I saw the chick duff the flop shot in front of the medium sized wall. I turned it off, I will never watch it again.   Hey Golfchannel (Arnie?) think of a new show, the Big Break crap is getting old. Kinda like American Idol. Was good for a few years, but good god just stop the nonsense and create a...
I think thats great that your club is booting them. I can't stand sandbaggers. When I play in the Golf Week Amatuer tour here in Denver. They have flighted groups. I'm in the C group 12-15.9 handicap range. If someone wins and shoots 4 strokes or more better then there handicap, they are immediately moved up to the next group.   I think they do a decent job of controlling sandbaggers.
What I was referring to was the girl in the photo. LOL   But ya shaving the face of Titleist 913 driver seems very stupid. I bet the engineers at Titleist are cringing about someone doing this.
I'm sorry, but what the heck is a machine putter? Is that a new brand or something. Never heard of it.
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