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 There is a god!!! Not that I like Fox any better, but get Berman the hell out of here.
Ricky Fowler is wearing nickers. The guy never even heard of Payne Stewert until this year.  
 Wow thats a crazy schedule. I hate ESPN, sometimes they take over everything. Mike Turico and Boomer are the worst golf announcers ever in the history of golf.
 Ya he was saying, that last week (and previous weeks) he was hitting his putts too aggressively and had 4, 5, and 6 footers come backs for par. So this week, he wants to hit his putts softer, with about 18" past the hole. So in order to do that, by taking the right (actually that would be Phil's left hand) hand off the club and using his fingers. He's able to make the same stroke, just with less speed.
 Old news, he already announced this at his press conference on Tuesday.
I recently purchased my very first laser rangefinder. The Laserlink White Magic. Golfsmith has them on sale right now for $129. Killer deal, well worth it.   I used it for the first time on Saturday, and it works great I love this thing.
 Why not? He played great today, shot a 3 under 67. His game looked good around the greens, which is what it will take to win at Pinehurst.
I'm afraid to ask. But this "long drive community" SMURF is a part of,  What is your swing speed? 180 MPH?
Meh thats nothing, I do that all time. Heck I have jeckyl and hyde swings in between holes! One hole par it, next hole triple bogey, next hole birdie, next hole double bogey.
Can I get an AMEN?   I like your point about the cell phones. I HATE PEOPLE THAT TALK ON THEIR CELL PHONES ON THE GOLF COURSE!!! Seriously, shut the dang things off, leave it in your car, etc.   If you are conducting business or work, then go to work and do that, don't bring it to the course. Your girlfriend/wife will have to wait until you finish your round, to find out whats for dinner.   I did this once, felt like I was inconsiderate of my playing partners. Now I...
New Posts  All Forums: