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I'm afraid to ask. But this "long drive community" SMURF is a part of,  What is your swing speed? 180 MPH?
Meh thats nothing, I do that all time. Heck I have jeckyl and hyde swings in between holes! One hole par it, next hole triple bogey, next hole birdie, next hole double bogey.
Can I get an AMEN?   I like your point about the cell phones. I HATE PEOPLE THAT TALK ON THEIR CELL PHONES ON THE GOLF COURSE!!! Seriously, shut the dang things off, leave it in your car, etc.   If you are conducting business or work, then go to work and do that, don't bring it to the course. Your girlfriend/wife will have to wait until you finish your round, to find out whats for dinner.   I did this once, felt like I was inconsiderate of my playing partners. Now I...
Join the PGA Tour? Seriously man, I cannot imagine trying to go from 1 handicap, to plus handicap. When I shoot 15 over its a good day. LOL
 The Callaway Apex irons are absolutely outstanding. Best feeling (and forgiving) set of irons I ever had. I had the 712 AP2s, sold them and just got the Apex this year. They are long too, like 10 yards longer than AP2s. My miss is usually on the toe, and I still don't lose that much distance. Toe shots on the AP2s felt horrible. Very happy with them, highly recommended. Hey if they are good enough for Phil, their good enough for me. If you didn't know, Phil has the Apex...
I'm hearing great things about the Laser Link White Magic. I don't have one yet, but I'm planning on buying it very soon.   Killer deal for only $137   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Laser-Link-Golf-White-Magic-Laser-Rangefinder-Brand-NEW-329-99-MSRP/380856997641?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58acd89709   or at Golfsmith for...
 Oh LOL. Those are reflections from the shiny part of grass where people walk. No cottonwoods around Heritage though. Ya I played Hyland Hills a few weeks ago, cotton everywhere!
 Ya it is indeed a really tough course, I'm always losing too many balls there. I'm playing Legacy on Saturday, can't wait should be a nice day for weather wise. Where is Cottonwoods? I've never heard of it.
 The Heritage at Westmoor. The course is in beautiful condition right now, and the greens are perfect (and fast).
Well just wait until you receive the clubs. Then post up some close up pics here, and we can tell you if they are fake or not.   If they are fake, don't worry you will be covered by filing a claim with ebay/paypal, and you will get refunded.   I bought some fake AP2s two years ago on ebay. I took them to Golfsmith and they inspected them, and they ended up shipping them to Titleist. Titleist verified they were fake, and they kept and destroyed them. I filed a claim...
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