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OK guys, supercharge your Titleist 913 driver! How? well look at this. This will add length to any golfer. LOL (the girl comes with the driver)   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Supercharge-your-Titleist-913-D3-golf-driver-/151146564632?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item2331098c18
I know I was annoyed at the announcers too! They couldn't stop talking about he blew that 8 stroke lead. They didn't even show Matt Every when he went up by 3 shots. They kept showing the long putter group Bradly & Scott. They both played horrible today, they were missing short putts.
The Adidas Golf shoes are the most comfortable shoe I ever wore. They are badass, and the spikes are great, no slipping.   http://www.adidas.com/us/men-s-golf/_/N-u2Z1z13w6g
 Ya I know huh. I used to like Bubba, thought he played great when he won the Masters. But now he's just being a prick the past couple years, always whining about something.
Did you guys now that Kelly Tillman and Stepanie Sparks are lesbo girlfriends? Yes they carpet muchers!   Damon Hack is just bugs me, I don't like him. It seems he's always asking somebody to evaluate his swing. I don't want to watch a 20 handicapper getting golf lessons.
Yes I agree, viewing the club at address is very important. You must look at it with confidence. Thats why I don't like offset clubs, man they just don't look right to me. And the top side I like thin top edge. Fat edges don't look good to me.
I would recommend the new Titleist AP2 714s. They feel really good, and this year they improved the forgiveness by changing the CG weight.   I have the AP2 712s for the last two years, they are sweet clubs. I'm a 16 handicap.
 I use head covers for irons. Because my 2 year old AP2s still look brand new! I have the Face Saver PLUS, they are very easy to remove and pop back on. Two iron covers are connected with a rubber type string, so when take them off, it dangles there for you until your ready to put them on again. It takes about 2 extra seconds after placing the club in the bag. Here: http://www.amazon.com/Face-Saver-Black-Cover-10-piece/dp/B000R37Q02
 What? Are you saying the Erik Kusalias is the producer of GC? No hell he's not, he got booted from GC, and now on some NBC sports radio show, which has like 2 viewers. Erik was never a producer, just a plain ole duchebag, pissing off women and going through jobs like wet tennis shoes.
Who is Brandel Chamblee? Never heard of it? Is this some sort of new wine?
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