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  Sorry I didn't mean to come across like that at all. But someone in that other thread was arguing with me about it.   My appologies!
It's a non-issue let it go already....   Already discussed here. http://thesandtrap.com/t/57979/kevin-na-on-18-2-stroke-penalty
And for that matter. It wasn't just the heckling at Kevin Na, the rude obnoxious fans were doing this all week. Yelling out stupid crap right after impact.   Did you hear the idiot yelling "LIGHT THE CANDLE" right after the players swing. I mean what is this, 3rd grade or something?   All those mothers out there on Sunday, were probably sad because their sons were out there acting like 3 year olds.   The madness must stop.   And I also agree Brandell...
I consider myself a cool computer geek. Unlike the OP, who is a dork of all dorks, King Dork.
Good Meenman, don't invite him to your group. Your group sounds like a bunch of snobs, rich snobs.   Kevin Na can come play with my group anytime.   And the fans in Florida, they are A$$holes for heckling him, he wasn't even playing that slow on Sunday.   Give the guy a break already, good lord....
I'm all for it, if it improves slow play.
You're just as bad as the hackers themselves. Why would you possible have any reason to defend this prick, and his hacker buddy's?   Do you know how much money it costs corporate America because of hackers? Have you ever had a virus on your computer, and you lost all your data?
  I think it's time to BAN this guy? Come on mods, he's only here to cause trouble.
  Yep this is the correct ruling, because the grass was damaged, or deemed ground under repair. Just saw it on the Golf Channel.
Well done Kuch!!! I've always liked him, he's a nice guy, deserves this nice win.   What is with the fans there? They were so disrespectful, it was like Bethpage Black again. All week they were sreaming crazy stuff, and today they kept yelling at Kevin Na to hit the ball, when he wasn't even playing slow. He said sometimes when he backed off, is because some idiots kept yelling at him.   Poor guy, I think he concentrated too much on playing fast, that he got out...
New Posts  All Forums: