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Can you hook me up with your daughter? I've been described as looking like Brad Pitt.   And if you're complaining about men gauking at her, that dress is very short. Not that I'm complaining or anything.
Get the Titleist AP2s with Project X 5.5 shafts.
Pics or it didn't happen.....   Congrats on the clubs, now you will be 17yds longer.
Just leave the fat people alone already. Quit being such a snob. You're not perfect either. Let's see a photo of you? What do you have one eye or something? What's your problem? You are judging people by there physical appearance. Don't be an A-HOLE!  
OMG she may be hotter than Holly Sonders. We don't even need to see her face. WOW!   I don't think it was that guys daughter he was speaking of.   The guy in the wheel chair won't be able to sleep now.
I almost had an eagle today!!! OMG I've only had 2 other eagles in 20 years playing golf.   A 510yd par 5. Crushed a perfect 305yd drive. Had 195 left. Hit the best 4 iron of my life to about 15ft from the hole!!!   I missed the putt by a blade of grass. Oh I wanted that so bad.   I was on fire on the front, only missed one fairway. Then I kinda lost it on the back.   I shot a 41 / 45 for an 86. (par 72)
I flare my feet out also. Thanks for the great tip, on aligning the feet first, then flaring out. I'm gonna try that next round.  
Cell phones on the course should be outlawed. I can't stand it when I'm ready to pull the trigger and hear phones ringing, and loud too. Either turn off your phone, or put it on mute.   People these days can't seem to put their cell phone down for one second.  
You've played over 30 pro ams? Wow you must be rich.
When does this thing end? Will you notify us here on the forum?
New Posts  All Forums: