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I think you'll like them quite a bit.  I just can't find anything close at that price point, and I would take the U4/x over anything.  Post a follow-up and let us know what your impression!
  My home course has a practice bunker/green next to the parking area.  We were packing our gear one afternoon, when a lady skulled a ball out of the bunker and nailed my buddy's SUV.  Her and her spouse just looked at each other.  No one apologized.  Very respectful, huh?
We need to keep this going...the fiscal cliff approaches...what now?   Will the leaders of our country turn their eyes to the one man who has the answer?   Will America cry out to that man in our time of need?   Only one thing can save us...one man with the cure for our ailments...   Jack Hamm and the Dr. Knockdown 80* super duper flip flop wedge and serving spoon!  
Wilson FG Tour and FG Tour X are great!
The new Callaway offerings look great.  Those X Forged irons sizzle!  WOW! 
Maxfli U/4 and U/4x.  The U/4x is for the higher swing speed crowd, and is my personal preference.  I have found it to be the longest off the driver and have just the right spin off the irons and wedges.  You can make it check nicely on short pitches and chips, too.  These balls are BOGO on the Dick's Sporting Goods website right now, so you can pick them up for less than $20/dozen. 
Rock Bottom Golf is good.    If you're looking for new, try DiscountDansGolf.com.  Purchased my irons and C130 bag from them.  Great to deal with!
I can only comment on the R9 irons.  I currently play those, with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts.  I love them.  I am not looking for a forged club, or a blade, but I don't like tremendous offset and wide soles.  These irons fall directly into the middle.  Very long, very forgiving.  I hate the standard TaylorMade velvet grips, and replaced them with Medallist wraps.  They're available at Golfsmith for $1 each.
Check Ebay.  Lots of Torsion Control's available...
Well, it sounds like you know you're specs (-1/2" length, 2* flat).  Now you can shop wherever you want because you have a better idea what you need.  You can find some good deals on clubs, even the AP1's.  This makes lessons AND new clubs a reality...   I don't play the AP1's, but they have received some really good feedback...
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