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These are not blades.  The MPI rating has absolutely no real world indication for how forgiving these irons are.  I love mine and will not part them any time soon...
Graeme McDowell, -11
Quote:   Yes, Puma does still have Ricky.  It would greatly benefit Cobra if they could lure him away from Titleist, but he's so into his custom circle T putters it will be difficult.  What about Geoff Ogilvy?  He used to be a Cobra guy...what is he playing now? 
Camilo fits the TaylorMade marketing strategy well.  I'd like to see him play a little better now.  Cobra/Puma better get their act together if they want to stay in the club manufacturing business.  First Camilo, then J.B., they've really only got Ian Poulter left.  I'm afraid that if they neglect proper endorsement, they'll fold.  Shame, too, because Cobra makes some good equipment.
I stand corrected.  But I would still bet against it.  Tiger is struggling with the short game.  He's not making those 8-12 foot putts that one must make to contend in a major.  The swing is still inconsistent, too.  I don't think he can find lightning in a bottle twice.    
The statement was win, not finish top 5.  He will not win the Masters.    
I would.    
14 par 4/5's, we have fairway bunkers (all in play) on 11 of them.  The most difficult shots come from the hanging lies on top of the bunkers...ohhhhh boy.
Excellent call on the R9's.  I believe you will be very happy with them.     
DiscountDan'sGolf.com is great.  I ordered a set of custom R9's last year and save quite a bit, and just ordered/received a Sun Mountain C-130 from them.  Saved a nice bunch there, too.  I highly recommend them.  I've purchased from Ebay as well, and look for ratings and "power sellers" like everyone else.   Here's a hypothetical situation that might better explain the benefit of using "fitted" equipment, and there's a difference between "fitted/custom" and...
New Posts  All Forums: