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I play the Nike Sumo2 5900, really like it. Forgiving, plenty long. You can find it on Ebay now for less than $150. The square shape takes a little getting used to, but it sets up really well and I believe helps my alignment.
I would highly recommend the Ben Hogan BH-5 irons. You can find them on Ebay for just over $100, 3-PW. These are great for beginners because they are forgiving and solid, and you'll be able to play these for a long time. One suggestion, maybe purchase a 3 wood. You could both tee off with it and use it from the fairway if needed. Might be a little easier to hit than a driver, too...
I have the Sumo2 5900, have hit the 5000 several times and really like it. Check on Ebay, as well. You may have luck there, especially with used clubs. One other thing to consider is your ball flight. If you are hitting it too high and not getting roll, you could be swinging too steeply and/or "over the top". You could try a lower lofted driver or work on swinging more "inside" the ball. That would definitely bring your ball flight down.
I really like the Tour iX ball. I don't think they are any less durable than any of the other "high-end" golf balls, but...has anyone else noticed this?...the Callaways feel slightly sticky.
I own a SkyCaddie and love it. Yes, there is an annual subscription, but you have access to literally every course, from goat ranch to resort. The biggest advantage with the SkyCaddie is the feature that lets you get yardage to a specific point on each green. If you play courses with larger greens like I do, that can be a huge difference in distance. My SkyCaddie is the SG2 model, so it is several years old, but is also more affordable than the newer models with the...
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