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OP, great post.   E'rbody, good choices!   Myself, I'm gonna go throwback adult contemporary.  Day 1: Christopher Cross/Sailing; Day 2: Jim Croce/Bad Leroy Brown; Day 3: James Taylor/Fire and Rain; Day 4: Simon and Garfunkel/Sound of Silence.   Some suggested "theme songs" for select touring professionals: Tiger Woods: Any 2Live Crew song, but probably Me So Horny. Natalie Gulbis: Ciara/My Goodies. Tim Herron: Lady GaGa/Born This Way (just feels...
Perhaps a simple drill would help with the proper transer of weight: try building up your stance on the outside of your right foot (assuming you swing righty).  This should help you feel a push off onto your left side and maybe eliminate the reverse pivot.  Sounds like you have a little mental issue with trying to hit the driver too hard as well.  Oh, man, I do that.  I can really be hitting the ball well (for me) and get crazy quick with the driver.  Good luck!    
I play the R9's and love them.  Forgiving enough for me.  Wilson makes some really good irons, too.  I would recommend trying stuff out before you buy, if you can.
Tough love time.  Driver swing of 85 to 90 mph is slow.  If you are truly swinging the driver at that speed, I have some doubt your 7 iron is actually going 150.  It's OK, most golfers think they hit it a little further than they actually do, myself included.  We're in this together, my friend.  Now, swing changes/corrections aside, you want to max out your clubhead speed.  Why not consider a driver like the Adams F11 or TaylorMade Superfast?  They come with a longer...
Well played!  One more...it's the 25th anniversary of Jack's last win, so we'll get to see the replay and hear the "Yessir!" call 189 times.  Jack, who has completed his grouchy old man training, will nip at Jim Nantz with a sand wedge, drawing blood on several swings...    
Lee Westwood.  I believe the most appropriate phrase would be "most accomplished player...", in which case Lee fits the bill perfectly.  Bubba, DJ and the others are really just beginning to become noteworthy players, while Lee has been one of the world's best for quite a while.  If he can figure out how to putt, he'll take home a major trophy this year.
The OP stated: "I am not ready to spend large sums at this time."  I recommended checking on the websites because it is free, and will give the guy an idea if he needs to change the length of his clubs.  Not ideal, but will yield better results than just staying with OTR equipment.  Dynamic fitting is ideal, but is more expensive and time consuming.    
+1.    I think the point of this thread is that J.B. would likely play BETTER if he played a little FASTER.  His routine shows serious self-doubt and indecision.  
I respectfully ask you to consider this: how "big" would a dominant golfer from the Far East be?  Imagine a Chinese golfer ascending to World #1.  His impact would dwarf Tiger's.  There is always someone who is "the Greatest", until the next one comes along.    
Here's why I discourage open sharing of golf equipment: My friend just purchased a new driver.  After several successful swings, he asks if I'd like to try it.  The first ball, the VERY FIRST SWING I take with his new club, the head breaks off and flies literally 100 yards into the driving range.  What was truly terrifying is that we NEVER found it.  Looked for it at least an hour...to no avail.    
New Posts  All Forums: