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I pull for J.B. because he's from Kentucky, but I'm with everyone else on the issue of slow play.  It would have to help him to speed it up.  I love it when he's near the top of the leaderboards, but I hate to actually watch him play.  Those last 2 holes at the Accenture were ridiculous.  The little plumb-bob dance on the green that we get to see TWICE is very, very special.
It's a great looking bag.  I've got a TM Stratus and hate it.  Not enough space.  That Callaway appears to have ample storage capacity.  Good purchase, especially for $100!  I just ordered the Sun Mountain C-130.  Can't wait!
Your TaylorMade clubs are gonna stage a nasty revolution!  
What up nuck!?!   Great idea.  You can also do this on the PING site (well, at least you could...).   
I can't imagine anyone being "busier" than Mr. Woods.  WOW, you would require near constant medical attention!    Seriously, I'm sure he isn't the only player with addictions...we all have them.  
The future of the PGA Tour doesn't rest in Tiger's hands.  As long as people play golf, there will be a pro tour.  The success of that tour post-Tiger is in their own hands.  They need to appropriately market the other big names and "young guns" so that we also care about their play, as well.  Look at the NBA.  They rode the Magic vs. Bird train for a long time, then Jordan was the primary marketing piece, and that mushroomed into mass marketing many players.  Now it's a...
In reference to Tiger: "All the king's horses and all the king's men   Couldn't put Humpty together again."   Might have really helped him to play the Honda.  He needs reps, man!  Driving range success is great, but do it in a tournament when it really matters!
I just now started using the camera.  I have a buddy that I golf with, we take turns recording a few swings with contact.  There are a couple things I was really looking for: am I taking the club too far inside; am I casting or throwing the club away.  Watching playback in slow motion will reveal the answers.  I just hook it up to the TV.  I don't have a "golf swing analyzer software package" on the computer!  
Wait until you view your full swing in slow motion.  It'll make you feel like a novice.  I have put in some time this winter working on my move, and used our Kodak PlaySport to take a look.  It was like watching a horror movie.  I seem to have developed a nice little head lifting issue that I never "felt" myself doing.  Back to the drawing board...   Best of luck!
I have a friendly acquaintance that is a golf pro.  He said that he gets different pricing than Dick's Sporting Goods or other large retailers because of their volume.  He'll pay more and have to sell it for less than they will.  His club selling volume is waaaaay down over the last couple of years.  Not sure about specifics, but he said just beats his break even now on equipment.  He carries product as a courtesy to course membership and doesn't expect to make much on...
New Posts  All Forums: