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+1.  Spot on advice.
Yes, it would give you the appropriate length of club and lie. It should also let you know things like grip size, shaft flex, etc.
Lob wedge. Awful golf hole at local goat ranch, from white tees plays @ 400 yards. Par 5. What a joke! And I've still never eagled it!
Max tee cred only comes when you sky mark this baby. And, I promise to God, I'm not afraid to do it.
My $.02: for that amount of cash, find a decent shop that will do custom fitting and go through the process. If your clubs don't fit your height/swing, you're off to a bad start. As you learn the game, you can always adjust your clubs as you go. Most shops will deduct the fitting price from your purchase price, too. Don't be afraid to get them to match prices from internet retailers, even Ebay. Make them work for your business! If you feel uncomfortable or like you...
Did you try the TP version? It's an inch shorter than the "standard" version. Not that the R9 isn't a smokin' hot little number...
Two things: 1. The TM gamers will love it, the R11 will prove to be a great piece of equipment, and mankind will be bettered by it. 2. The TM haters will bash it, like always, talking about "it's cheap looking", "not a real player's club", etc. Then, when no one is looking, they'll buy it.
I agree with the VAS and the OSS Slingshot. Ugly, but get the job done. Kinda like the Titleist AP series irons. C'mon, they're ugly!
Rich Beem. Was horrible before and after. Even bad in Tiger Woods PGA Tour game. I have to disagree with some of the comments about Cabrera and Harrington. Cabrera simply can't putt. His ballstriking is sick. Harrington has an incredible short game. These guys are still going to be around for a while. Lucas Glover, I have concerns about. Seems like he took a big step back this year...
Friend of mine dropped a deuce next to a tree, covered the "pile" with a towel and we left. The tree is in play. I am sorry that this ever happened. This was a new towel, and I am sure that someone picked it up...
New Posts  All Forums: