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TaylorMade R9 irons, 4-PW, with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts from DiscountDansGolf.com.
They are very different from your forged irons. I haven't hit the Callaways, but I just got my set of R9's. So far I have to say they are very forgiving and long, what you'd expect from TM. Have a very good feel, but probably NOT quite the same as forged! While there is no mistaking that these are "game improvement" clubs, they are not huge, goofy shovels either. I got mine with DG X100's, and while I am still getting used to them, I am VERY pleased so far. Nice...
Normally, the R9 comes with the KBS 90 shaft. I got them with Dynamic Gold X100, 2* upright and 1/2" long. Built to my specs at the TaylorMade factory. No upcharge. Other shafts available upon request, but I know some will cost a little extra.
Placed an order for a custom set of TaylorMade R9 irons with DiscountDansGolf.com on Monday, August 30th. GREAT pricing, I just couldn't resist. Received them TODAY. I have no idea how I got a custom set so quickly, but I was stoked. I had just sent them an e-mail inquiring about the tracking number, and fell over the box the FedEx guy left by the front door on my way to the course! The folks at Dan's are very friendly, patient, and helpful. I highly recommend...
For $60 you have to pull the trigger. Buddy of mine bought a set of the '87 models in fantastic shape for $20(!!!) from a flea market. Even if you don't play regularly with them, it's still fun to have a set like this and show up with 'em in the bag every now and then!
Go hit everything you can! Buying a set of irons when you are new to the game is fun. Take some time, you can find some really good deals on used clubs. Make sure they fit you. And have fun!
Not me, but a friend of mine lived in Myrtle Beach and worked at a golf course. Talked about playing with this guy who had just started on tour. Guy could absolutely kill it. Yeah...Dustin Johnson. Meanwhile, I play golf with the meat department guy from Kroger.
I've been a member of a country club, and a season pass holder at a state park course. Unless you know folks that you can regularly golf with, you MUST consider what the other members at each facility are like. I hated the country club. It was part of an upper class neighborhood, which I did NOT live in. However, I paid dues just like everyone else, more than the homeowners did. I was generally treated poorly by everyone from fellow golfers to staff. It got so bad I...
Perhaps with the ladies stroking the newest Scotty Cameron offering? While watching the Big Break?
Statistics can be deceptive. How many times did he hit driver? Bottom line, regardless of fairways hit, GIR, putts, etc.: how is he finishing? While we do hold him to a ridiculously high standard, it is one he set. I actually think he will get beat up a little if he makes the squad. And I'll love it.
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