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I wonder if there are "trophy husbands" on the LPGA!?! Wow, I must admit that's a nutty little idea... Bob: "Hey, let's wear some super tight Lee jeans and head on down to the Kraft Nabisco!" Earl: "Sounds great. Maybe we can meet one of those real curvy ladies, take us out for a drink and some White Castle!"
Look, here's the thing about TaylorMade clubs...not only will they make you a better golfer, you will often find yourself surrounded by beautiful women. You will become smarter and more desirable, more successful. After I made my latest purchase, a TP Monte Carlo by Kia Ma putter, I was abducted by aliens just so they could look at the headcover. Their spacecraft was shaped like a TM Super Deep driver! Seriously, TaylorMade clubs are pretty good...
Throw AK in there. Enthusiasm is contagious. Holmes, I'm a fan so I think he'd be great, and he's played well this year, just no wins. Glover, nah, not played very well this year. Zach Johnson is money. Tiger, if he improves a little more and actually cares...still wouldn't be as entertaining as Fowler.
Money, and a personalized golf bag. And white pants.
I enjoy playing with strangers. I've been a member at 2 different courses in my hometown, and have had varied experiences...the state park public course is all about the golf, and the folks I've met there are great. The private club was full of self-important, arrogant a$$holes. I truly enjoyed embarrassing them on "their" course. I refuse to even play a scramble at that place. I also play in a Tuesday night scramble at the local "goat ranch". The course is pretty...
Let's be honest. Most PGA Tour golfers are, well, ugly. For every Camilo Villegas there are 4 Tim Herrons. And yet, almost to a man, they have gorgeous wives. While I am sure love enters the equation, success is a strong aphrodesiac. And 100 dollar bills. And television exposure. And..well, you get it.
Been using the Kia Ma Monte Carlo for a couple weeks. Good feel. Black head looks really cool, and isn't confidence the most important piece in putting?
I believe shortening the club at the "tip end" will alter flex. Trimming at the "butt end" shouldn't effect flex, but either way will change swingweight. Definitely agree with Bryan SD2, find someone who knows what they're doing!!!
I get complimented because I give compliments. I'm a true southern gentleman. And I enjoy lying to other golfers about their hideous swings.
My advice, for what it's worth: get fitted for your irons. Whether you go with the Burners or the R9's, proper fitting irons will make a difference for you. Oh, and you can't go wrong with TaylorMade!
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