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Troll the "For Sale" section of this web site and others (Golfwrx.com moves a ton of stuff daily). Check Ebay. You'll eventually find what you're looking for! Good luck!
I've owned the SQ 5900 and Dymo2, as well as other "traditionally shaped" drivers. My advice is to try them all. Don't make a judgement based just on aesthetics. You can learn to love ugly...and loud. Hey, I just described some ex-girlfriends too!
I've had mine for a couple months now. I love it. Love...it. It does take some getting used to because it's so light. I tend to choke the grip a little, so I had to loosen up to get a good feel for the club head. Yeah, it's a long, but I think it has great feel. You can really sense the golf ball compress when you catch one. Very forgiving as well. I'm using the stock Matrix HD6 shaft too. One last thing, the TP version has an open face, so that may cause problems...
A stiffer shaft, as long as it's not TOO stiff, will improve dispersion. Since I switched to x-stiff, my misses are tighter. Looking at your numbers, maybe try a "low spin" shaft model with a low kickpoint (which will help with the launch angle). I definitely would try a couple different models before making a purchase. A shaft that fits your swing will make a huge difference! I play a Matrix HD6 which is a mid-launch, low spin shaft, and I would recommend Matrix...
+1 A 460cc, higher lofted (10.5 to 12*) driver would be a great choice to learn with. To improve consistency, you could have the shaft trimmed. I had a buddy that carries a shortened Cleveland HiBore Monster 10.5*, and he CAN'T miss a fairway. Hits it about 240. The shaft is the length of my 6 iron. If you do something that dramatic, try adding a little lead tape to the head, or you won't be able to feel it.
Yes, my friend, quite real. It was a flier lie, he only needed to carry it about 185-190 to catch a little slope. Remember, the "v" type grooves they are playing with now brought the flier back into play.
Watching highlights of Holmes' round of 60 today, he hit 9 iron from 224 (flier lie) to 10 feet. Faldo climaxed while talking about it. Strange, and yet entertaining.
Golf sandals are pretty sweet. I wear mine with dark socks... They are hideous. Wearing golf sandals says a lot of bad things about the wearer, like "World of Warcraft rocks" and "my mom helps me out with the rent/mortgage/car payment".
VERY familiar with Cookeville. Really nice town! Please, no mention of the Orange on this board!
Burner Superfast TP!
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