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Located in Surprise, AZ.   I have an excellent condition Ping G5 driver.   I am the original owner.   Cared for as you can see from the photos, no sky marks, original paint, 1 mark on the bottom of the club which I have no idea how it got there.   I took it to golfsmith and the guy behind the counter commented that it looked like it had very little use.   Shipping will be an additional $10 via USPS, Shipping is extra and I would defenitely recommend...
I have the exact same club....and I can see where you have had the problem as I sometimes have the same issue. Try hitting down on the ball more, like you do with your 3 iron swing. I guarantee you will straighten it out....maybe even get a nice little fade like I do. When I hit this club off the tee I swing like I would with a 3 wood or 5 wood, I get a nice high draw. When I am in the fairway I hit down on it more with a descending blow, even taking a little divot...
I think you need to play the following for sure: TPC of Scottsdale Troon North Karsten ASU golf course These are all target style desert courses....will really test your driver.
Are you the original owner?
I think your putting too much thought into it. My wedges are: 56/12 60/8 The lob wedge is good for compact/hard sand as it has less bounce. The sandwedge is better for the fluffy stuff. I have found that going too extreme in either direction in regards to bounce ends up hurting my game.
I love my Nickent 3dx 2 ironwood. I can hit it like a long iron, with more of a descending blow and it goes nice and high with a soft landing.
Try the Nickent series of fairway woods. If you can't hit those it is time to see a teaching pro. Another recommendation would the the Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz woods. Again, this woods have a low and deep center of gravity and low profile face to give you the confidence you need on a tight lie from the fairway. It would also help us to know what kind of fairway you are playing now. As for square vs round. I like a traditional style clubhead so square is not for me.
What about the Macgregor MT PRO wedges? I picked up 2 for $99 from golfsmith, they are forged and offer very good spin.
I've been doing some research on this man's swing. It makes perfect sense, yet I see no professional golfers doing it....never heard of a pro teaching it locally...what gives? If it really is all that it is cracked up to be it would make sense to overhaul my swing instead of spening $1k every other year buying the newest technology. All I want to do is hit the ball perfectly straight, down the middle every time.
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