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Had a damn good round today at Ocean Acres Country Club NJ. Here are the stats Score: 88 Fairways: 10 out of 14 fairways GIR: 8 Putts: 32 putts Longest Drive: 265 yards Best Putt for birdie: 2 ft after second shot on par 4
My top 5 1) confidence 2) dignity 3) self esteem 4) pride 5) self respect because I tend to lose all of these before and after the round.
During my round yesterday, I noticed that if I didnt overswing as well as slowing down my swing really improved my driving. I also noticed that my distance improved as well because i utilized my body throughout the swing instead of using my arms.
Well from what I see, I come in inside too much but the results were still good except for one swing with the 6 iron where I shanked it. Please comment and any help would be appreciated. Driver DTL 6 Iron DTL
I wear both as well but leaning towards my glasses alot more. Plus the transitions do help during sunny days. Contacts have been great but I tend to get dry quicker with contacts and it would start bothering me constantly. My glasses also have the tendency to get dirty from debris shooting up from bunker shots to large divots on the ground.
i play with g5's and they have been the best irons money can buy. I broke 90 for the first time with them and im a pretty high handicapper. I also read that there is no difference between the g5, g10, and g15. Just the look. I got my set from ebay on 3balls.com ebay store. $175 shipped 5-w. I'm sure if you keep trying them out. you will make your decision soon. You wont be disappointed.
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what course would that be. We have a 600+ hole here in NJ called hanover golf course 18th hole. just curious
LOL...Now I calculated 5 of my most recent scores and it gave me a handicap of 16.2 It was: 88score/126slope/69.2rate 97score/114slope/67.5rate 98score/112slope/68.4rate 100score/126slope/69.2rate 105score/112slope/70.5rate
3 birdies in a single round. 1 on a par 3 1 on a par 4 1 on a par 5
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