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As I high handicapper, It was overswinging. I still tend to but I have a more controlled swing than I use to. I have a buddy that swears by flipping with his wrist, he has a more controlled chip. My eyes still bug out when I see him flipping his wrist and he wonders why he is so inconsistent by hitting the ball fat or thinning the shot. Ive tried to tell him not to and use his arms but he tends to get angry and use the excuse, "Ive been playing for 10 years and your...
I used an app on the iphone and gave me an idea of what my handicap would be. But thanks for the compliment. to be honest, I was just diddling around the phone and found it. I used the app and figured it would help me out a bit. But seriously, I dont really care. As long as I get my scores lower, Im happy. Im not planning on joining any competitions anytime soon. LOL
Sorry fellas. Handicap changed back. Maybe I should keep it higher for now on. Lol. But anyways. Thanks everyone and I hope Keep it going.
thanks everyone. the 8 I fudged up really bad. I topped the ball bad and didnt go much. then stupid me, I used a 3 wood (which I havent really done good with) the didnt go too well. I have been consistent on my backswing, but I still feel like im coming over the top which results me to fade the ball way too many times.
Sorry make that 3 pars. I didn't catch one more and I can't edit my thread.
On 6/4/10, I shot IMO the lowest score I possibly couldve gotten since I started last year. I shot an 88 with the following data: 8 drives on fairway (3 on a little bit of rough but the green visible) 6 GIP 7 one putts 3 birdies 2 pars 6 bogies 5 double bogies one 8 on a par 4 (which screwed up my score) overall I knew I was shooting well but I didn't know I was going to break 90. The course is called cream ridge golf course in cream ridge nj. I played from...
Two birdies in a row on a par 3 and par 5. On the par 3, I was about 3 foot away and 20+ ft away on the par 5.
Here is my data from today's game. Fairways: 7/18 GIR: 7/18 Putts: 3/18 So putting wasn't my strongest but I was pleased with keeping the ball down the fairway. Two 8's killed my scored big time or else I would shot in the 90's. However, I finished strong with 2 birdies on a par 3 with a 4 foot putt and a par 5 getting on 3 with a 20+ foot putt for birdie. Overall, I am very pleased even though I shot terrible.
I have the barbados center shafter. So far so good. cut down to 33in because I stubbed alot of putts from the standard length of 35in.
Today I did notice my shoulders opening too much and resulted to more slicing than fades. 5 of the 18 drives were ded straight or faded a bit. But the biggest thing that resulted to my fades turning into a slice is not transferring my weight forward and more of my weight was on my right leg. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and I will take this out eventually and take vids.
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