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I dont have any updated vids, but the curve wasn't that drastic to consider it a slice.
Today I shot a 97 and its my 3rd time breaking 100, but I was fighting a fade that wouldn't stop. Only about 4 of my drives stayed in play and the rest faded. The trajectory is awesome, but it slowly fades. My backswing I felt didnt come over the top but somehow I cant stop my fading....Any input on tips to stop or slow down the fading.
Im talking about the caddies on tour. Someone brought this topic up on the course one time and I've always been curious.
I've always wondered if the caddy would beat the golfer on his own game. The Golfer can play very well, but always seem to rely on a caddy for tips or advice on what iron to use or even reading the green which is the most important part of the game. Give me your input and lets see what you all say.
Congrats! I still remember mine last may. It was a 168 par 3. Being that I was new to the game, I used a 5 hybrid 26* and literally skulled it to the pin. Leaving me with only a 8 in putt. LOL. My buddies said if I made that in, they would've quit.
I noticed from all of my previous videos. My wrist tends to "cup" during my backswing which causes my drives to come over the top. So today at the range, I focused alot on preventing my wrist from cupping and tucking my right elbow in causing the club to come inside/out. Wow, the results were amazing, My ball flight would be dead straight and no ballooning. I cant wait to take this practice session to the course and take vids this time.
Shoot a 5 on every hole. You shoot 90.
definitely alot better during my first few rounds of golf. I was hitting about 10 of the 18 with my driver at 80%. My ball flight was consistent dead straight. But now, I'm trying to incorporate my body more than my arms and now im fight a fade that eventually turns to a slice. My average drive is about 250 at 80% and swinging 100% recently got me about 270, but I fight the slice and pull constantly.
The one I go to is not that bad. Tee boxes are just patches of cut lawn grass. Greens are always slow, but its very narrow that prevents you from shaping any shots. So straight as an arrow is the way to go. today I took three balls and practiced my short game on a few holes. 1 of my 3 iron shots were solid, but everything else was either shanked or fat. Ill be posting that vid soon. im sure once you do bite the bullet, you wont regret it. I hoofed it today and my...
Face it bro. You sounded arrogant and no one liked your comments on players playing at public courses. I understand where your coming from when someone takes your ball, but its a game and thats part of it. If it happens more often, it sounds like your a higher handicap than you claim to be.
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