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congrats bro! I just broke 100 sunday. I know the feeling. Keep it up and im sure you will get the same rush like I did more often.
thank god for cheap county courses. I practice most of my short game at a local county course. $9 a round is equivalent to a bucket of balls. So I rather practice at my county course than a range. I know you will break 100 and trust me. You will feel alot of weight off your shoulders when you do.
The funny thing though. During the game, I didnt even think about it. I should've taken a provisional, but I didnt. Im not gonna lose sleep over it.
Ya, but it was established before the game was played we are taking 1 mulli front and back. Sorry I dont play by your rules there guy. lol If the mulli counts as a stroke, I scored a 98. LOL. The mulli wasn't taken on the front but one was taken on the back.
For me, I actually got calmer and more relaxed after playing this game. I dont get as hot about losing a ball or having a bad day. It reminds me that I will never become pro, but I can always get better.
if you could afford playing at $200+ courses, you can afford buying another box when the time is needed. Im not gonna lie, I use to take the ball that I find, but most of the time. the ones I find no one else is around to claim. Now, I just leave it be because I have enough in my bag that I can get through 18 holes without losing all of them. Pete is right, it was a pretty ignorant statement and calling us regular folks idiots reminds me of how much I hate people who...
Thanks. I've been actually practicing my short game more and it paid off. My driving hasn't been right since I started practicing to drive with my body rather than my arms. So the slicing started to come back so Im considering going back to it even though I shouldn't. Game management I never thought about but I will take that into consideration more. For me 8 of the 18 is pretty damn good for me. I can live to be a bogey/double bogey player. I know I'm bound to become a...
Also, let me correct my fairway hits. I was also in line for the green but most landed on the rough.
Thanks everyone. It took literally a year to finally break 100. Yes, I took one mulli beccause I went for the green on a 280 yard par 4 hole and I over shot it. It landed on the green and with no bite bounced off the green into a gully no where to be found. I couldve taken a provisional, but the guys I played with ruled only 1 mulligan both front and back.
Well, its not pretty but I finally broke the 100 for a first timer playing only a year. I shot a 97 but it wasn't the prettiest. here are my stats from the game. Fairway- 3 of the 18 (Some had decent lies, but others I had to work my shot around trees) On the green under or on par- 8 of the 18 (Alot of shots were dead straight on the green and one chip shot landed only a foot away from the cup) One putts- 2 of the 18 (most putts missed were for par, but it was...
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