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Spring Meadow Golf Course NJ. 97. Broke 100 for the first time in a year
im in the market for a new ogio bag and was wondering so far, what do you think about of the bag so far. I plan on doing alot more walking this year rather than carting or pushing my bag around. I would like to know how is the comfort, weight and features so far. thanks
Finally after all this talk about getting lessons I finally took my first 1/2 hour lesson. his name is Traye blackburn of Fairway Mews in Springlake NJ. I worked on my setup, alignment, grip pressure, and took lots of video. Too much to put on youtube. Alot of things improved today from my lesson from where my hands are at setup to finishing my swing while having my hands turn over. My iron game he said he wouldn't mess around with too much especially when im...
i tried keeping my chin down a bit and i noticed I hit alot of my shots fat today. Even though I beat my one buddy i played with today, I still didnt do my best.
Ill try that today and let you guys know how it went..
Also kept my arms hanging down instead of out because if I had it out, i feel my arms would come inside more causing me to come over the ball which was shown from my previous vids. After doing this type of swing, i noticed to slice more. Where my right elbow would tuck inside causing my club to come more inside and out. Also, trying to flatten out my swing more any tips?
not yet but i might go going out tomorrow and I have lessons this weekend that I will be recording as well.
Vids from today. Trying to work on not coming over the top. I saw stuff wrong already but please let me know. Probably everything. lol 1 2
no im not making a big deal just curious on all this sponsorship with one company but multiple company clubs. Im a noob at these things and figured I asked...lol
basically what I was confused about. Nike this and Scotty that, but throw in a TM 3 wood. Im confused as everyone else...
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