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im in the same boat as you bro. I wanna get one as well but there are so many and all range from reading front center and back. And some that read beyond that. From bunker locations to water hazards in the middle. I find those are for serious golfers and i'm not one of them. I on the other hand prefer a unit that can read me what I want. Front center and back. If your like me, the Izzo Golf GPS unit and bushnell neo are pretty well rated golf gps units and all are...
Alright enough about grips, time for gloves. I'm currently using my FootJoy Mens StaSof Tour Golf Gloves but last years model. I've had it for more than 5 months with maybe 7 uses including the driving range and I feel its starting loosen up more and it's not as tight as it use to be. The condition is still pretty good and I plan on keeping it for another few more rounds. how often do you guys change and normally to what condition does it need to be changed?
I've changed my work out routine from building strength to increasing my cardio and flexibility. I noticed by the 18th hole, I still have plenty of energy to play another 18 if I wanted to. Also, I use to eat alot of almond with flavoring and that didnt cut it. So I am now currrently snacking on granola bars and banana's. Also water is a must.
My mistake it was definitely an 08 15* TM burner 3wood. thanks to HDTV...
Is it just me or did I see Kim using a tm 3 wood? I'm confused.
Nice to see someone on here representin good ol joizee...Mix is hot Yoshi! Keep them coming!
Frogger amphibious towel...Love it
Couples! definitely a swing to admire
My used Ogio Edge is pretty good too. Pockets could be a tad looser but other than the weight. its pretty good.
Im in the market to change my grips on my G5s. Im not sure how much play these irons got since I bought them used but I did notice its time to change them simply from the wear. My question is, how often does everyone here change their grips and what is recommended in finding the right one for someone of my handicap.
New Posts  All Forums: