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thanks to everyone here for the great observation of my swing. I had my best personal score of the year. I played at a county course today with a par of 58.3 and a slope rating of 95. Overall, I shot a 78 and from what I calculated. My handicap went down 4 strokes and couldn't have been any happier. Let me tell you all, this is by far the toughest county course because it's so narrow forcing you to keep all shots straight. Anyways, I wanna thank everyone for all the...
pgonza: awesome detail and thanks for the great observation. I knew I was coming over the top from the vids, but I didnt realize how bad. fatphil- I knew someone was going to ask me someday. lol As for everyone else, thanks for the great advice and once I start getting back out there. I will take more vids of my progress.
How much does the 8gb sd card hold vid for?
Not really because I had a weak grip and changed it to now fix that slice I suffered for a while. I would only slice if my stance was too far or I casted over the ball bad. For the most part, my iron game improved a little bit. I was concern about my backswing and wanted to see it for myself and share it with some more experienced players. I have a lesson soon in april so Im looking forward to it.
Any drills I can do to do so?
The single most valueble tip for my iron game. Today, on a water shot. I kept getting old glimpses of myself scooping the ball in the air and "kirplunk" in the sauce. Instead, I remembered to hit down on the ball and I had the best shot over the water on the green 8 ft away from the pin. As for putting, I would visualize the ball on the spot after impact and this would prevent me from lifting or watching were the ball would go resulting to many pulls and push's. ...
Ah ya...that was uncalled for but I forgot my hybrid doesnt wanna shape anything. LOL. I laughed at that too.
Its been a while since I posted anything new. Please, any input and criticism is welcomed... 09' Taylormade Burner 3 wood Nike CPR 22* 09' Taylormade Burner Driver 10.5 Stiff
Can you send me pics to uniquekreation@hotmail.com I wanna be first in line.
No lie my driving wasnt that much on an issue. Im a righty and yes my weight is mostly on the back during the backswing. My fats shots were very common because of it. Im starting to learn how to keep my lower body as quite as possible because I use to straighten out my right knee so much that on my backswing, my upper body would lean back and cause my to skull my ball. Also, my head would drop down alot too that I would be out of balance
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