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Finally went out to the course for the first time today. I was able to unleash my new 09 TM burner 10.5 S and I couldnt ask for anything better. My drives today were dead on with an average of 250-280 yards square down the pipe. A few turned out bad but not bad enough to find my ball. One big problem that really got to me today was hitting alot of my shots fat. I probably got on the green under par maybe 3 times today which is sad. The one thing I did notice is...
Just came back from this local golf show and was wondering what everyone thought... Please share It was definitely worth the $10 and pick up a few things.
I just saw him playing TPC. It was a replay but he was shooting 1 over par.
http://www.sportsauthority.com/produ...entPage=family Will I havent read enough about it. Just curious on who has it and what are your thoughts?
I was watching an episode of Golf Fix and I saw an episode of butch Harmom giving some tips. On the driver lesson, this person had problems with slicing the ball. Butch mentioned a term "turning your hands inward" during impact. He says it helps the face of the club square up to the ball during impact. Can someone explain this because i actually tried it at the course and the results were somewhat promising. I drove the ball straight as an arrow.
I was sold a guerin rife Barbados mallet putter center shafted 34' for $50 from a doctor friend. I haven't read alot of reviews besides a few positives on the putter. I was wondering if anyone in this forums has this putter and I would appreciate your review and thoughts.
Well just trying out my new Ping g5 irons and still getting use to them. Here are some updated S&T vids and let me know what you guys think. Iacas, I know your out there and your opinion is much appreciated and so does everyone elses. I noticed some major flaws IMO that Im noticing already such as my wrist bending too much but im sure there are alot more.
This is a reason why I asked alot of people's opinion on stuff like this.
I have an oppurtunity to purchase a great set of g5's but here are some things that I'm worried about. Pros: 1. for the price of $280, the used set is in great condition and will be adjusted for my swing and lie. 2. It's a graphite shaft so the weight will be alot lighter 3. it's a regular flex cons 1. after going through the ping website online custom fitting, it said I needed a black dot with a stiff shaft. This used set is a blue dot with a regular...
im actually going out tomorrow at temps ranging 30+ but windchill around 16 in nj. Planning on walking so ill be wearing sweatpants, thermal shirt underneath my adidas shirt and this...
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