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Mcilroy -16 Woods -12 Donald -12
Why all the Fowler haters? Sure he's alot flashier then most players but no player has brought more attention to golf from the younger crowd in the last 10 years than Fowler. He's not the best golf on tour but also far from the worst. He will win one day, maybe not this year or next but he has flirted enough that he will win. He is great for the game and who cares what clubs he plays or who he takes as a sponsor. I saw him live on a Sunday at an event and even though he...
Getting good distance with irons is all about impact. Do you take a divot with your irons? If your not taking a divot then you are hitting it wrong. I used to be a sweeper and flipper. This causes a very high and short ball flight. My 9 iron was my 100 yard club. A friend and I went and watched a Pro event and it changed the way I play golf. I was amazed at how light they swing yet how far the ball flies. My 6 iron had the flight of a pros 9 iron. So after seeing them...
I read on a sign in a course bathroom once that only %1 of golfers will ever break 80.
I tried to record it to watch but nothing was on.
I lift weights 3 times a week and be sure to use proper form. I have tried yoga and not a big fan. I am looking for something to create more turn in my backswing without losing control of my swing. If I can get my left hand comfortably 6 inches more behind me in my backswing I feel I can gain power without losing accuracy or possibly gain some accuracy by making it easier to get the club to the inside.  
He just followed it up with a 64. -20 through 36 holes.
I personally am not a fan of the new proposed qualifying system. I really like the idea of Q-school. It gives anyone who wants to give there big league dream a shot to pay there money and put there game to the test. Its the only professional sport that I know that any guy can his pay entry fee and have a shot at the big time. If the stats are true and most talented golfers come from the NW tour as opposed to Q school then maybe rework the numbers, take the top 35/40 from...
Does anyone do a specific golf stretching routine? I am looking for something to increase my hip turn and be able to get my arm under my chin more. I feel I can get my shoulders to 90 degrees buy would like to get my arm back further with more comfort. I did some research but couldn't really find anything without someone wanting to sell me something. Thanks.
Completed my usual workout last night   3 x 5 squats 3 x 5 standing press 3 x 5 pendlay rows   I added 5 lbs to each of my lifts and felt good. I stepped on the scale this morning and down to 207.6. 20lbs to go.
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