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Poor guy, almost could have called it the "When Will Mike Weir Break Par?" thread.  Weirsy did however break par, (once), 11 WEEKS AGO at Pebble Beach.  Please tell me this isn't a Duval/ Ian Baker-Finch situation....he looked pretty bad last year too.
First, take a deep breath and step back for a moment.  I have absolutely been in your shoes in the last six months.  I finally, just three weeks ago, got control of "it."  I practice S/T too, and what's a basic tenet?....backswing goes inside.  This, as Sean Miller points out, leads to a very in-to-out swing, in which the hosel can lead into the ball.   I solved my issue by actually looking at KJ Choi's downswing....watch how he gets that right shoulder moving towards...
Mulled over..You're right, a little harsh.  As a 10 handicapper, I'd take that score any day too.
Stop embarrassing yourself....better yet, bring that score card to your home course and really show it off..."No really, I almost carried that 175 yard par 4...so close...so close.."
Doylestown here.  Play out of LuLu CC.
Weren't you just on the Big Break Brian?
Eric, you guys film it, and I'll be first order...love the free content, but you guys deserve to make a couple bucks for the effort!
Thanks fellas...the big question was always the Par 3's..think the 24* hybrid, 7 iron and 52* gap should do it. Appreciate the input.
Just read a post from Dana Dahlquist at GolfWRx that the boys, (Andy and Mike), will soon put out some new vids. Eric, any ETA or content info come your way? (BTW, I hope they're as good as the vids released by you guys over at The Golf Evolution.)
No putter allowed either. Any suggestions on a good combination of clubs? Never been in one of these before.
New Posts  All Forums: