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Funny someone mentioned Thorncreek in Denver... I talked to a guy that played a 9 hour round of golf because of the short spacing of the tee times... I refuse to play there on any day other than monday when people go to work... In my mind this is the worst of all aspects of golf... people love to take their time like they see the pros doing... think is that if they sink that last bogey put on 18, they don't make any money, and nobody cares... I am all for taking your...
I am a permenant user of the Z-Star Tour Yellow! The only trouble I have with them is finding them in the store. according to my golf Galaxy, they fly off the shelf less than 1 hour after puting them out! Now if i am in a store and they have them, i pick up a box! I played a course with some nasty rough really early in the morning and even with the sun shining off the wet grass in my eyes, no trouble finding my ball... spent my time looking for my playing partners ball!
I may offer a suggestion... Get some nicer clubs (forged) mainly because they bend so easily and as you grow, they can be readjusted... as you grow they can also be lengthened. if you get cast, they don't bend well and if you have to bend them +2 degrees, they are very brittle. Anyway I would get fitted now, and again every 3 months as your body changes... consider it like somethign fun to do... it doesn't take long and you'll notice all the difference in the world!
Anybody use those bracelets with magnets in them? If so, what are they designed to do, and do they work? I saw one for like $20 at golf galaxy... any cheaper alternatives? it's a piece of rope with a magnet in it after all!
hey if there isn't a performance difference between the z-star and the Tour yellow z-star, i'll be gaming the Tour Yellow, much easier to see in the rough.. though i don't buy that there is an appreciable benefit from the TY with putting... I also like that most people on the course think i am playing a range ball, and are suprised when I am constatnly putting for birdie with the "range ball"!
Just played a round on a course that was hosting a US Open qualifier, and the rough showed it... These little bad boys are easy to see 300 yards away in the rough... no searching, easy to ID your ball! The cover lasted 18 holes and doesn't even look played... couple scuffs that's it. I have a new ball, simply because of the color, other companies will catch on. The standard white ball has so much competition, the "Tour Yellow" is in a class of itself!
Totally agree, balls are so over priced it's sick! Don't complain about the lack of new young people playing the game, PGA or USGA, the cost of playing is getting out of control. That being said I played the new Srixon Zstar's in Tour Yellow. They are onto something there... Nice performance, and no searching for balls... it really sped up my round, as i was playing a really heavy rough course the weekend before US Open Qualifying. I could see my ball from the tee...
I would suggest taking a trip to Denver, CO and visiting the YES! putter factory. You can buy a putter there or take one that you bought elsewhere in. They'll adjust anything you like and they are the same guys there that travel and take care of the pros on tour that use their products. The YES! does roll the ball faster so that will help you, but so will the fitting. I did it once after purchasing a YES! used, they were amazing so was the experience! I would take a...
Where did you have this done?
Honestly I don't know if that's true, but the people at the shop i was at mentioned it. Also i should say that i have hit these clubs off a matt a total of 2 times since owning them. I think pounding balls on the range can have the same impact just less quickly... the dirt is pretty hard at my range as well though!
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