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I have a set of AP2's and had them adjusted 9 months ago, 2 degrees flat... I had them readjusted last weekend and each of them were off by more than 3 degrees already. The people at the golf shop said that the first time you get them adjusted they go back more quickly, each subsequent time they are adjusted they stay longer and longer... They also said that leaving them in the car on really hot days can make them more susceptible to going back. I went in because i...
there are some really nice courses around Seattle, and the people you'd play with are some of the nicest in the States!
I played with both the z-star and the trispeed... z-star obviously checks a lot more, but i did notice that it was shorter, but most premium balls are a little shorter. I don't mind this so much. But i did have trouble with the Trispeed and not checking at all... Maybe i don't compress it enough but, no other ball had as much roll out. The Z-Star was Great! I think i am going to start playing the yellows. I like to easily find the ball and this helps greatly!
Something is better than nothing at all! That being said, keep looking around. I found one at a local golf course, they were free with the promise to use it! since they don't wear out too quickly i don't expect i'll need another for a long time!
now that I think about it, my clubs have been getting less consistant. When I first got them i could hit every target nearly every time... I am now struggling to just hit an approach, it's done a number to my confidence. I just played a really tough track today, hit over 75 Fairways, but hit less than 20% GIR... I think getting this checked will really help. Thanks for the input! The ground here in colorado is still pretty cold, hard on the irons!
I just need to adjust the thing on mine, it keeps rubbing... Not a bike break wizz myself... any tips?
I own one, don't know the model but the plastic hatch, if it's the same one i have, i have to punch it to get it to close. I have never had an issue with it tipping over. Remember it's a 3 wheeled cart, and it will fall over if given an opportunity on a side hilll. angle the front wheel slightly down hill, put on the annoyingly tight bicycle break, and you'll be fine. Mine has never fallen over, unless i rolled it down a hill and it hit a sunken sprinler head... that is...
Hey Sand Trappers, I was at the range working on my irons and hitting my AP2's about 80-100 balls each day. I was working on approach shots 6i-PW. I noticed something funny. I was not trying to work the ball and with every club but my 9 iron i was within a few feet right or left of the target. With my 9i, every shot was 15 feet to the left of the target each time. After looking closer at setup i noticed that the lie angle of the club seemed different, noticeably toe...
What does one of these things cost if you want to buy one for personal use? any ideas?
Similar to me, I played 14 holes at 3 under, and 4 holes at 10 over... Not likely that it was the ball if you know what i mean. When you fat it into a creek, and duck hook it into a pond that you should have never looked at in the first place, you can't blame the ball... I play different premium balls just to try them out, and the are all virtually the same. if you were switching from a premium to a non-urethane ball and your shots were rolling off the back into water it...
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