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I have the original speed cart. And while I have a great carry bag, haven't carried for years. It has really helped my back. I would also recommend building back muscle. I started a workout program and it helped my game in addition to eliminating back pain. I do p90x but there are a lot of options out there. Even pushing the cart hurt my back if I played too often or on a long hilly course. I had a pinched nerve along my spine that I had to learn how to stretch,...
Wow, i can appreciate wanting any advantage possible, but I am not sure that I see the advantage of a more tacky glove... the standard synthetic and rubber grip is way more than enough to keep control at the bottom. Are you thinking that they will be more durable? I don't think there is a rule against it to answer your question, but while they are more tacky, they may be more restrictive, and thus end up hurting your game. I would encourrage you to get a $15 golf glove...
Yeah, if it was user driven it would be better than making the company input evrything.
Is anybody able to import courses from a list instead of "mapping" all the courses yourself? Seems that this would be a nice feature, and save everyone time.
I went to Golfsmith yesterday evening, and the two BC1 and BC2 are extremely similar! the feel like the same weighting, the BC1 is more toe down, but by probably about 1/8 a turn, so not too much the BC2 is a 1/8 turn toe down. The feel of the two were almost identical, I preferred the BC2, because it would seem to get caught less in rough at the edge of the fringe... always had a preference for something that will provide relief in this situation. Overally they are...
Saddily yes... i played a few rounds with the "Yes" putter and i just don't like the head weight... and given the importance of "look" i just can't add lead tape to the head, it's a matter or principle.
I am in the market for a new putter and i noticed that Golfsmith has an amazing deal on the Mizuno Bettinardi putters. Has anybody had experience with these? I am headed to the store to check them out in a couple of hours, and if the wife doesn't throw a fit (i have lots of putters) then i may pull the trigger. Anyway any feedback on these would be appreciated. As a disclaimer i am not looking to drop a couple of hundred on a Scottie, they just don't fit my eye. I am...
enis750, Where are you shaft shopping at?
This may be an odd question, but how do you know what shaft will work with that particular head? have you tried it?
Yep I ended up purchasing a used yes, one of the original ones they made I think... I also made a trip to the Yes Factory here in denver, and got "fitted" amazing experience... they put a weight in the shaft that makes controlling the distance very easy for me. If you ever make a trip to Colorado and have a YES, or want one, make a trip there... Fitting with the weight and a new grip was $30. Great Value!
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