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Footjoy's alltogether are great... I have owned 3 pair in 5 years, they have all been winners! Whatever you do, buy the shoes, throw away the inserts and go get some that you can mold to your feet... like these...http://www.rei.com/product/752606 . I put these in my shoes and after a round walking, carrying on a hilly course. I have no issues. Go to an REI near you and ask them for the brand that you stick in the oven then mold to your feet. I use these for everything,...
I have the Ogio Atlas, and a Sun Mountain speed cart. It works great, one thing that I would say is to get one with at least 14 dividers... This one has 15 which is nice sometimes! I am actually thinking of getting back into carrying, and i may look to sell it, if you are interested, PM me I'll see what I can do. Here is the link, but it's blue and Black instead of red... http://www.amazon.com/OGIO-Atlas-Cart-Bag/dp/B000I5LM4K
I love that if you click on that Golfpride link, it states the "swing speed" that the grip is designed for... That would be great except it has 3 categories... Low, medium and high... What is a medium swing speed? Wouldn't actual number ranges be better, even if there were only 3? I usually hear these descriptions regarding a swing tempo? I mean come on... Does anybody else feel the same way, or am I out of line?
I purchased a used YES putter last weekend, and went to the yest factory here in Denver yesterday... I was talking with their "tour" rep who was fitting me, he fits the tour players M-W, then goes and works with the rest of the world Thurs and Friday... Anyway he was saying that Scotties are either the only ones or are one of the only companies that make putters with 4*'s of loft... Most of the other companies have 2* or very close... anyway his point was that with 4* of...
Do post a link!
This is appropriate for any forum! On a side note, glad the wife didn't get hurt, but witnessing did it seem to happen in Slow Motion? I can only imagine my gramps, loading one up into his wife, he'd probably tell her she was standing in the wrong place... Great Stuff!
Has anybody used the bridgestone? I got a couple of them this last weekend, and I am really excited to give them a go! I have been a FJ/ Soft Joy person forever, and when trying them on they all seemed like their quality was decreasing! The number of options from FJ is overwhelming lately... I used to be a huge fan, but i think i am going to make a switch for good, or until they make a glove i like again.
How did it last after the next 18? 72 holes with one ball is awesome, you make ball makers every shake in their revenue producing boots!
The plus isn't anything more than 2* less loft on the face if i remember correctly... as far as the shaft, people here on these message boards will tell you different things, but a regular should be fine with a nice solid swing... if you get into the 100 MPH driver swing speed you may need to have it checked... but I think the steel shaft should suffice... I guess I am unaware of what shaft I learned on, I think at the time that there was only steel or graphite... so my...
I just hit the new Callaway Diablo irons, they were pure, and will not only help you learn, but be a nice club for a good long time (5 years) while you learn... In response to the OP, I would never think of the AP1's the AP2's are so nice, you will never want to change... much smaller sole so they do require a little more skill, but hitting them is a dream!
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