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I too selected the D2 after about 3 weeks of hitting all sorts of drivers... Honestly after I selected the D2 i went through the process of shaft selection... I am no tour player and the 15 or so shafts that were in their fitting cart were more than enough to tell that the club was going to be great because of the head and how i felt at impact. I wanted performance and feel... some of the shafts transmitted too much or too little feel. I had 2-3 shafts to pick from based...
Being in Portland, does the rain really effect them, here in colorado we don't get much of that in the summer, our moisture comes in flake form in the winter... I am considering a move to the NW and I would appreciate the info, oh and try the rubbing alcohol trick for extra tack, maybe if they aren't on their last legs, just a quick once over, instead of the tough rub down.
Sorry but I don't have an answer, but another question instead... Does anybody know where to find a listing of what clubs have what TP sizes? I would like to know for the different sets that i have if i ever want to swap a shaft for another...
Just found this link... here is what you are looking for, i am not advocating getting it here, but it's jus a reference on what i was referring to. http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/...efault,pd.html
I like this last bit of advice... I would also reccommend not putting a driver in the bag until you can controll it, while hitting it at least 225. I played with out a driver for the first 10 years I played... I learned to hit a 3 wood like nobody's business. I don't miss fairways with it, and now use it off most tees. I hit it around 275, and when it's in the fairway at 275, you have a great start on any hole. My personal favorite 3 wood to learn on was the Calloway...
Another trick that i have used recently is to take rubbing alcohol, and scrub them with that.... I usually pour a bunch on a microfiber cloth, then rub it down! It really adds a lot of tack to a grip, It may decrease the life so only do it when they are almost dead to get a little longer out of them... Warm soapy water works great as a "maintenance solution", but if they are at the end of their life, try the rubbing alcohol.
Humm, maybe I always hit the middle, but I won't be switching away from my YES! to anything for a good long time. It will take a great putter to Knock mine out of the bag... If you do buy it, and make a trip to Colorado, call YES golf and schedule a fitting. It doesn't matter if you got it new or used, they'll fit and adjust it for you for free! They have great customer service!
Another tip would be to go to the courses around you and see if they sell clubs. If they do, then ask to demo theirs and then you can custom order from them. The only way to do it is to test out a lot of different types. If this takes traveling to some place that has a lot of different options then do it, see it as a road trip, and play golf there... use it as an excuse. I would recommend telling the wife (if applicable) she has a $300 shopping spree and send her on her...
Alright any tips on Finding a demo day? I seem to have bad luck doing it... Where do you guys start looking?
J_Bone, how long have you been doing it? Did you notice a positive difference regarding Golf? (Swing, putting, chipping, overall performance?) I am getting going now, and i have to say the soreness in the beginning is tough to practice with. any tips?
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