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I am thinking that this year I'd like to update my Putter, and I am thinking that I'd really like the look and feel of a good forged blade. I am looking at a couple of the YES products, they roll so well! I have 2 parts to my question: 1. Those who have used, have or have tried the YES putters, how do they compare to other "high end" putters, and how what general information can you give after playing with one? 2. What other putters would others recommend? I know...
Anybody currently doing the P90X in the off season? If so what are your results, did you stick to it? I am starting currently 1st week is a killer, but i can tell that this season i'll be a much better golfer.
Anybody know anywhere else around the country that does this... this is awesome! Perhaps in Colorado, or tips on how to find it? Is this at Chop Shop Golf? Do you know of any other places that do this? Also what was the cost of the entire set? As much info as you can provide would be great!
JETFAN1983, great video, but on a side note how has P90X worked for you since November?
These days with the great marketing machine that is golf, i just went through a selection of my own. I went to Mexico for a week, and played 18 holes 6 times... each with a different type of ball... the following were the ones i took along: Srixon z star TM Penta Pro V1 Srixon Trispeed (it was my current ball) Strxon Trispeed tour (had to try it out) Nike Power distance (one in the green box) If I was using score as the ultimate judge, the Nike Power Distance...
After thinking about it for a few days, I have decided to "fit myself" not sure if this is recommended however I am going to have fun with it. I am planning on getting 4 sleeves of different balls, and playing 4 rounds. the one I play best with, wins. I am a skeptic of the simulators in general. There is a thread on here currently about how they "mess with the simulator distances". If this is the case, then who knows how accurate fitting from a simulator is. Luckily...
Does anybody have good drills for teaching someone to make an inside out swing path?
I wish they'd sell it in a mixed dozen, or in an individual sleeve. I think i'd like to try them, but not sure that I want to drop $45 on a box, get to the course and find out that they drive me nutz, or I can't see them in the rough, or at approach i hate how the setup looks! i'd get a sleeve though.
Did Golf Galaxy charge anything for their fitting? If so what?
Does anybody know if you can "map your own course" on the range and it could give you distances to the markers on the range. I try to find places where I can hit off of grass, they tend to move the tees a lot, for obvious reasons... if i can map my own course I think i can make it so that it'll measure to the markers. I have a sky caddie as well, but don't know how to do it... anybody know the answer to that?
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