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my question looks silly now I think someone was advertising their product on this thread and it was removed. here is the link, I don't know anything about it just was looking for more information... http://foresightsports.com/ I am not advocating it or anything, but I was trying to find out more info as I am going to be setting something up in my house soon, and I am trying to collect Info. Anyway I was looking for the cost, but the person who posted the original...
Currently I am thawing out and the idea of 90 degree golf is no problem! Thanks For the info.
Smails, If you don't mind me asking, what is the general cost of the trip for one person for just the golf? I am jealous to say the least... It's been cold here, but winter seems to be leaving, can't happen soon enough if you ask me!
Does anybody have a link to the trade in/ trade up program with Sky caddy?
Yeah, I am interested in the cost, and can you take it to a range, and then take it home and get the stats of your range session?
I am looking to get a camcorder for swing analysis, and other stuff. I know that in one of the reviews on TST, it was recommended that you get one with 60 frames per second, but i think that's if it's a digital camera. If it's an HD video camcorder, I think 30 frames per second progressively scanned should be fine. Has anybody used the Flip ultra? it's only $149, or $199 depending on the memory included. Any other suggestions would be welcome!
Does anybody have a good way to demo a club or set for a round our two to get the feel on the range and course? I really hate dropping 300-400 on a new club (driver) or way more on a set of irons after just hitting them in a simulator... Is there a demo program out there? Here in Denver I know of Golf Galaxy, and Golfsmith, neither will let you "check out a set" or a club for a weekend... When I lived in Omaha, i could check clubs at a local shop, that was the...
I know that Sky Caddie takes a beating because of their subscription price, but to me it was worth it. I have the SG3, and many people were complaining about it as well, never had trouble with it though. I also have a mac, so maybe that keeps the device in line ! Anyway Lots to chose from, but remember that you want it to do one thing... give yardages. I know that Sky Caddie walks the courses, thus i trusted their numbers and made the purchase worth it to me... Now i...
I too have been confused by this, i have been playing golf for 15 years, and the only term i know is "gamer" or someone who it pretty good!
Congrats, and welcome. The first thing to do is evaluate how much time you want to devote to the game. It can be all consuming if you want to let it. That's how I am and sometimes i struggle not to think about it or visualize shots in my mind. Just something to be aware of. After you know how much time you have to devote to it, set some goals. Simple ones like, play a round without losing a ball, or play a round with less than 3 penalty strokes... They will happen,...
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