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Tilley's rock.  Love my LT8 Bucket even if it does get me some odd looks out on the course.   -C
Marty.....Another Pittsburgher here (Cranberry Township actually).  Jim Cichra out at the RMU Island golf complex is pretty good, and of course the facility there is indoors.    -C
Absolutely LOVE the tour yellow Z-Stars. I carry a case of both the regular Z-Star and the Z-Star X in the car and vary which I play depending on course conditions. As far as spin goes, Pro V > Z-Star > V1X > Z-Star X, but both Z-Stars are a LOT more durable. I've played multiple rounds with both, while I can't ever remember getting more than 9 holes in with a ProV before it was shredded. And the color is soooooo visible. My home course has a ton of fescue, and those...
Yeah, the putter worked very well. Not a single 3 jack, which was doubly impressive considering that I wasn't exactly leaving myself short putts and the greens were flat out fast (rolling close to 12 according to the asst pro). I wasn't so much pissed at the bad shots as totally confused. I seriously only hit about 3 solid iron shots the entire round, and a fair number of irons were mis-hit pretty darn badly (thin, toed, pulled....even one complete shank). Just never...
I was VERY tempted to go this route. Would have been a much more enjoyble day.....-C
Ever have one of those rounds where the wheels don't just come off, but the whole bus blows up? Played a pretty challenging course today (72.4/144 at 6700 yards) with the greens rolling about a 12. Putted great, but that was the ONLY thing that was working. Seriously, shots like leaving a 9i 15 yards short on a 147 yard par 3 (and that was one of the better shots of the day). Shanking a LW into a ravine on a routine 80 yard approach. Warmed up well on the range, but I...
CAR-LING CAR-LING!!! Now I just have to convince her to marry me...... -C
87 yards. Sets up a nice full swing 60 deg wedge that I don't have to go hard at. Definitely one shot that I know pretty much exactly how far it's going to go every single time. -C
Hinge and hold. Not usually a huge Phil fan, but that's one tip from him that's helped me immensely. Haven't bladed or chunked a single ship or pitch since incorporating that advice. -C
What were your misses like? Were you off on line, distance, or both? I'm guessing with the 3 and 4 putts that distance control was the major issue. A drill I love for distance control is to put a coin on the flange of the putter right behind the club face, and then practice making strokes without making the coin slide off the putter. Any jerking of the putter or use of your wrists at all will have the coin sliding off immediately, and keeping the coin in place will...
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