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No, all legit.
Cavs beat celtics, who needs lebron?lol
Harrison is a great linebacker. This is football, and big hits make the league. If you listen to the older players they say that the qbs tried really hard not to throw the ball on the inside where the defense can get a lickin on them. Now the qb throws in the middle of the field all day. The NFL wants more offense and less defense, this year seems to be all about head to heads, while last year was all about qb hits. They always seems to divert their attention to whats hot...
Acetone will work, I depending on the project use a rag, q-tip, or soak it in a bowl of it.
I think yes has a better variety, but since you currently have a red x rifle mallets are really good.
You got one of the best defenses the league has every year off waivers. What idiot dropped them? lol
White castle(only been to one once, not many around here), taco bell(open late), hardees (big burgers), KFC (love it).
Nope, maybe you are using the fairway wood driver on the driver? Or vice versa.
That 4% seems to be about average for every stats. The difference in putting from top 20 to top 100 is less than .04 putts per hole. All these players are just crazy good at everything. Makes you think how Tiger was able to do what he did for all those years. One of the only stats where there is a big difference is driving accuracy.
Yes, i am hiding? Just found it interesting ehh.
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